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flowering rose

watching the pouring rain,which is to heavy to go out in,put the kettle on I think.

Think I'll be back here more often - some of the other threads make me feel that I've morphed back to childhood!

Woodgreen wonderboy

I find it quite easy using the IPAD in the back of the roller, with my Italian chaffeur up front.. Simples.



Morning Brumbull

Sorry to hear about the rain, no doubt we'll get it here in a few days. Unusual weather for mid October here, some areas to get 25C today, here up to 20. Will have to get out and take in the lantana and plumbago which are still flowering. No room for such big pots in the porch, so will probably have put them down into the laundry.

Looking at property? Are you an estate agent?


Groan!!! Good morning everyone, just got rudely woken up by the council guys wanting us to remove my apricot tree which was standing on the lid of a waste water manhole which unfortunately is in our garden. They've come with a huge machine to clean it out, hell of a noise too. Slept late cause watched TV until 2am.

Brumbull, what were you doing up at such an ungodly hour!

otnorot but just call me Bill

2 Wheel Gardener THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Nearly 12 years on the computer and I'm still learning.


star gaze lily

Where abouts are you at the moment Brumbull. I in sussex. So are you along the sussex coast like Brighton worthing or thereabouts.  Its actually stopped raining,  the garden is so wet I don't know if i'll be able to dig today.

Love the pic of the poppy. 

Not working today yay!!! Hoping to get the last few bits done.

Hope you all have a good day.


I have set my settings to view last post, not first post, just as 2 Wheel Gardener said, but it made no difference, still getting threads set at 1st post. If I don't get "view last unread post" I have to find the thread on the latest posts list and click on the last person who posted on the right side.

otnorot but just call me Bill

Busy-Lizzie I found another way to also get to the last posting,When you bring up good morning forkers look to the right and there is the time and who last posted and a small green arrow,click on the arrow.


Jimmy Savile raised a lot of money for charity.. Just sayin'

Can't agree about the keeping the arguments to PMs - posters are better protected if it is all ou in the open. Also it deprives the rest of us of the entertainment.



"Jimmy Savile raised a lot of money for charity.. Just sayin'"

Bloody hell! That is the nastiest comment I've seen yet, you should be ashamed of yourself. If people being nasty to eachother is your form of entertainment, then I feel very sorry for you!

Not only that, but you had to change your name, haven't even got the guts to be open yourself!


Who is this WUM, I have never seen her name before?


WUM = wind up merchant, Swiss Sue  Sadly it seems there are lots of these in life

Hi - I wonder if it is a regular poster who has changed his/her name?  The

reason I've mentioned this is because I had to do this a while back as I wasn't

able to post photos or send pms with my previous name (wild about flowers).

But I think that to do this you also have to change your email address - it

wasn't difficult for me to do that as my OH and I have two email addresses,

one mainly for him and the other one mainly for me, but we can both access

the two of them.  I think it's really sad that someone would be nasty on such

a lovely forum as this and I hope that somehow it can be stopped.

Don't be upset Brumbull - just keep on with the good work! 




Thanks Brumbull - I had no idea this sort of thing went on - hopefully

these people will get tired of trying to cause trouble if everyone ignores them!