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star gaze lily

I do think this sad, why can't we all just get on. How do we know who's who Brumbull  I know Ive said this before but i think you should treat people how you would like to be treated

Hi Lily,

Your post reminds me of a book I read at school many moons ago!! I'm giving

my age away now!  It was called "The Water Babies" and one of my favourite

characters in it was "Mrs. Doasyouwouldbedoneby" whose motto was just like

you said ....never do or say anything that you wouldn't like to have done or said

to yourself!  What a different world it would be if we could always live like that!  

star gaze lily

My mum use to say -- if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

Yes you're right it would be a very different world,--- shame isn't it

Woodgreen wonderboy

Don't forget to batten down whatever hatches you may have in your garden. I shall be moving whatever I can into the garage, laying things down, shutting up the GH. Raining at present but will be out there soon.

It's blustery and showery here on the South coast, but Sunday it's supposed

to be blowing a gale (80mph according to the weather forecast) so will

definitely be battening down the hatches!  Do envy you Brumbull living in

Cornwall.  We hoped to retire down there (around the Crantock area) but the

Grandchildren didn't want us to, so we go for holidays there every year instead,

but would still love to live there.  Ah well - maybe when the grandkids are

older we might make it!  Take care everyone - don't get blown away!  


star gaze lily

We used to holiday in Crantock when I was a child, great holiday memories and a wonderful beach. Took our boys there too when younger great fun

It's my favourite place in the whole world....nice to know you like it too Lily! 



Have a cup of tea. Button pressed.

Soz to move this up folks,  

Morning Brum.
Nice to see Stacey back after her illness.

morning everybody it is colder this morning have not got work today yey have to go in on sat booo

stil sitting in my Pjs brumbull having cup of tea got washing to do today booo have a nice day

Lots of lovely fish available all over Cornwall - and who'se the only Cornishman with a fish allergy - me! B.mmer!

morning brumbull not at work til later on shifts booo
i like halloween normally we all go out dressed up we dont beg we just go on a pub crawl wiv our friends haha
that ok brumbull i wouldnt waste me time knockin doors haha gotta get ready for work now booo


morning evryone chily this mornin

Morning all.

Gloriously sunny here. Which means that the blinds have been fully shut at work to prevent the engineers from bursting into flames.

This is most unfortunate because having project completed yesterday I now have nothing to do and several hours could be passed watching the dog walkers. The hard life of an office worker!

Tomorrow all the plants I'm keeping from the garden are going to be potted up and hopefully will survive the assult. There is a beautiful fern by the pond that looks so wonderful I'm in several minds as to whether to risk moving it or to leave it and hope that the new owner will appriciate it.

Right. Time to stare at the painting on the wall for a few hours.

Stacey Docherty

Oh I love love love kingsbridge we always holiday around that area it's sooooo fab ..... Don't forget a visit to south devon chillie farm if you that way ATM....... 


Morning Forkers!I'm tucked in bed being served tea and waiting for his stomach to remember I offered to take him for a Weather spoons this morning (after we visit B&Q and he does the manly lifting of compost bags).





Ha ha! We'll only be after their full English breakfasts nothing more. I've an afternoon in the garden planned and first job is build a boat to get across the grass I dont want to be drunk in charge 8f a vessel.