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Marty - I am trying eremerus for the first time this year too. They have just poked their noses out of the soil! We'll have to compare notes later on...
Marty?? - sorry Matty ...


I can't remember what colour it is and was very surprised it had survived in the garage. As ever I bought before garden was ready.



Matty-I never do that...or fall asleep on the settee....

I like Eremerus too...oh another plant to buy.....

Cleared up here now so I'll leave the ironing and get on with summat outside.

I grow Stockbridge arrow. Think it's the best. I have a feeling blackest that whatever you grow will be very good......send me a fiver now......please?
Chicky, no just an enthusiast. But did grow and sell quite a variety,of plants. Made some money too but I talked too much.......???
Did it as an adjunct to my work.
Had plans to buy a local nursery once and to go Imto partnership growing wholesale plants. Am very passionate though with a desire to grow plants to the best of my ability. Ruthless though....plants that don't perform well are discarded
I have not been able to get my Eremurus to flower despite knowing the theory how to. Trying again this year.....I think it's more to do,with heat than anything else. Be interested to hear how others get on this year with it



Falling asleep on the sofa?  I do that every night - then OH wakes me up and I go to bed 

Gardening Grandma

Me, too, Dove.

Have now cleared up the 'orrible mess that's been decanted from the caravan and put away the last of the ironing. Have now sat down to the luxury of bringing the diary up to date, Haven't actually done any gardening - it is now raining. Am doing mental gardening, the non-tiring kind.

Thanks for your good wishes, Matty. I had a very horticultural holiday - again, the non-tiring kind, looking at the results of someone else's work.


Best sort. I always manage to find somewhere where there is a garden on my must see list. It just happens

I haven't done as much today but feel shattered again. Not like me, usually bouncing 


Good morning all 

I hope everyone's had a good night's sleep after the exertions of the weekend.  Matty, if you carry on feeling shattered maybe you should get yourself checked over - I used to feel like that and it turned out I had a thryroid problem.

Well, we didn't get the  overnightrain we were promised - if it doesn't rain soon I shall have to get the hosepipe out to water in the BF&B and potash in.

Hedgehogs have been out and about in the garden overnight - poo on the terrace and they've eated chopped peanuts and mealworms.

I'm back to work today, OH will be working in the studio so he can keep an eye on activities at Bluetit Manor 

Morning all it's a bit cooler this morning just done my greenhouse check before heading off to work everything fine. Bad news the weather in Scotland to get colder at the weekend maybe a touch of frost. Going to start my hanging baskets this Sat and leave them in the greenhouse for a few weeks.


What - no one up and about this morning except l'il old me?   Did you all overdo it at the weekend?

Don't get up too quickly now - take it gently ................ 

I'll get my coat..................... although I don't think I'll need it today - sun's shining on the righteous again 


Hello Dove! 

I'm Feeling a bit sore.  Be ok after a hot shower. Wish I didn't need a coat....maybe I'm not as righteous as you..

Love to the blue tits


Oh, hello Andy - didn't see you there - must have posted at the same time - ish. 

Good morning Fairygirl - glad I'm not talking to myself - but it's time I got ready for work now - enjoy that hot shower - I'm all scrubbed and steamy 

I'll pass your love to the bluetits - have a good day everyone - see you later 

Quick cuppa, then once more into the breach. Roll on Friday!

Have a good day everyone - don't go mad with the pick axe TT, and hope you feel more like yourself today Matty.

Bye Dove!

Cold here too Andy-but no rain as you say. It was meant to be chucking it down today. Oh well- can't complain!

Had my pickaxe out yesterday to get shrubs out Chicky- bit sore so won't be using it today I hope!

Have a good day all 


Morning everybody.
I'm chauffeur again today but determined to get some salads sown.
Cloudy but warm
Hey! Where's Brumbull?

We were all wondering the same Verd.

Maybe his Hostas have turned triffidy....


Think he is busy in his garden and forgotten us
Need his advice soon on my standard fuschia so here's hoping.......

Off to work now-can't sit about drinking tea all day you know...

Have a good day all!


Morning all, I must have been tired yesterday just woke up. I've a online shop to build today. The basic workings are there but the template is horrible so I need to figure out how to lay it out right.

It's a gray start to the day so no need to be out in the garden just yet. Hope everyone has a good day.