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Hi Dove- bye Dove!

Morning everyone here on the early shift 

Bit late this morning. Didn't sleep too well so struggling to get going! Nice day here so hopefully will stay like that till later. Got a lot done yesterday-  cut all the grass away along the fence as it was a mess and cleared in behind shed. Cut the grass too and will maybe shift the rest of the daffs today as well as many other bits and pieces- post  holes to dig! To  turn wet for the weekend so I'll have to make hay etc..


Morning all. Very grey here, rained in the night 5°. My Exochorda is well over. Weigela and Kolkwitzia coming out.

No gardening yesterday, too wet.


Morning everyone,

Wind has drropped,looks like another good day,sunshine,blue sky and those big cotton woolly white puffy clouds.


Lovely sunny morning....wet overnight though so will settle in plants I put in yesterday.  More planting today.....takes longer than it should as I look at the site, look at my plants, interchange them, analyse them, imagine how they will look together and then ...if totally satisfied...plant them. Well, they have to be right?????

Last year in an otherwise pleasant border I had planted 2 vigorous white dahlias.  They irked me to madness....Madness I tell you...their bulk imposing on the rest. Mid summer they were removed and my sanity restored.  Bit obsessive there I think!  I have a feeling though that others on the forum understand.

Have good day folks...those not well I hope will recover quickly


Gosh Verdun, you are such a perfectionist. It's a wonder you aren't a bag of nerves! Perhaps you are. I would love to see some more pics of your garden. I only remember you sending them once. It was beautiful. What's it like in Spring? 



Good morning all.According to the weather forecast here it's supposed to be raining, but seems to be avoiding us, just grey sky, will have to water if this keeps up. Glad your weather is getting better, it's about time!


What a difference a day makes. Today warm and sunny, temp in the greenhouse 25 degrees and whilst walking around the wilder part of the garden underneath the beech trees I have just disturbed a fox. Could only have been 10 foot away. Dont know who was more shocked.

I think I might have to do some planting today, clear a bit of space in the overflowing greenhouse.

Have a great day.


Morning all. So different here today.  Might even get outside if the rain keeps off.  Not holding my breath though.



Sleet and hail now.

That b****y wand is going back I tell you......


warm here some sunshine. water butts full . off to cut a ladys lawn for her.


Good sunny day 

had alovely day yesterday with friends and family. Back to garden today. Last night was cold - GH showed min of 2C which means outside it was about 0C (usually about 2C lower outside Gh)

I had put toms inside on window seat but really they are getting too big now.

Bought a nice little Acer today called 'Butterfly'  - very delicate.

So much to do again and staying clear of OH while he mows lawn, he hates it but likes its look when it is done. Must say I do as well.

Bacl later


Spent a couple of hours putting a run of bricks between my garden and next door's to try and stop the bindweed creeping in.  Dug all I could find out first.  Need to get some killer for it or the neighbour.  Not sure which. 

Was really hot FG. Really, really hot.

Looking around, when am I ever going to learn that shrubs grow bigger. I think I am going to have to do some repositioning.  Not today as I need to think about it.


Hot Tina? .....grrrr! B***** &  B*******!!!!

Do they do 'neighbour' weedkiller?

Must purchase.....


Sorry Fairygirl, hot here too,opened greenhouse doors as well as window as temp creeping up 85+ and newly planted seedlings looked a bit droopy.

Perhaps your wand needs an MOT,does it contain anti freeze?might be jolly useful at night.



I may have to resort to it FG, if he doesn't  hurry up and do something about it.  May have already mentioned, since he put upo his new fence, I have acquired about 18" of extra garden, full of ivy, bindweed, holly shoots and yet more rubble.   Stupid man. Already told him, in a neighbourly fashion he needs to get on top of the bindweed problem which is rife in his garden but if falls on deaf ears. 

You will be pleased to know that the temperature has dropped and it is cold now.  You know what you can do with your wand.




I was going to try that on the woman at the council....oh- maybe that's where  I've left it...

Will need to have a word with that Harry Potter bloke...


Can I borrow it to assist in my dealings with the DVLA?  What a shambles they are. Incompetent, rude, thick, etc, etc.  Have just complained, yet again, and managed to find and quote this:

We have held the Customer Service Excellence (CSE) standard since 2008 and Charter Mark before that since 1993.

CSE focuses on how organisations take customer needs and preferences into account when delivering services.

In order to retain the standard an organisation has to continually improve.

  Oh, they're such wags!


Perhaps they took their customer service excellence exam with British Gas


Tina I think you mean another word beginning with 'W'.

GillyL-not had too many probs with BGas or indeed Sc. Power who have been very good since I moved here- still- it's early days 

The young lad who came out to check my washing machine from Indesit was excellent as was their service so at least that's one lot that haven't yanked my chain recently. Mind you, First Utility and Barclaycard have done enough for the next 50 years with their c***.

Happy days!!!

Sun's come back out...will maybe get something done if I don't nod off. Was awake on and off from 2am till I got up at 7....


Perhaps we should start a ""Grumpy Old Gardeners" tv show,any takers?