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Going to B & Q for a look around have just seen yesterdays E-Mail from B& Q Club buy one get one free on all bedding plants until Monday and 50%on all grow your own plants,bulbs & seeds also 20%off on planters & hanging baskets. 


Morning everyone

Warm and sunny here.  Hope it's like this when dove ventures to these parts.

Did lot planting more today.  Busy this morn but hopefully in the afternoon.

Thoss pesky slugs..under every pot there's a small slug.  been on a few night time slug missions, by far the best way to control them.

queen came this way yesterday but dont know if they played their music!

Enjoy your weekend folks




Morning all. Back to damp and rain here. Ah well- summer was nice yesterday - I enjoyed it thoroughly while it lasted!

Hope you have a lovely break Dove- Verdun will show you all the sights I'm sure 

Went to Pentire many many years ago -only time I've been to Cornwall.

Like GillyL - I'll have to go to B&Q and see if they have posts ,and cement too - didn't have any last time 

Have a good day everyone - hope Mrs Andy wins lots of reds today 

Morning all a little late busy putting the entries into wife's car for going to the show now on there way. Thanks for all the good luck messages will let you know this evening how things went no matter what she enjoys cooking & baking as my father always said your house is a good chuck house. Am now going to plant some gladioli in the front garden got 6 in a large plastic box in greenhouse about 4 inches high. Weather overcast but rain now off hope it stays off till late evening will take a walk down to the show later on if weather stays dry have a good day all.


Morning all-  have a great time Dove - we shall miss you on the morning shift !

Verd - the slugs are back here too - think it is now warm enough for nematodes - must get my order in.

Enjoy your day, everyone - and don't forget TV  coverage of Chelsea starts at 5pm tomorrow evening (for those who like that sort of thing - I certainly do).



Morning all.

I hope you have a lovely time in Cornwall, Dove. We went there mid June 2 years ago, but it was too late for all the rhodos and azaleas.We visited 9 gardens! Fantastic. I liked some of the privately owned ones that you don't hear as much about, such as a nice lady who had a national clematis collection on the outskirts of Truro. And a really beautifull garden full of perennials called "Hidden Valley (I think). Little lanes not that easy to find but worth it! We loved Trebah as well. The fishing villages are so pretty too and there are some lovely old pubs.

Looking forward to hearing about the show Andy. Good luck!

Thunderstorm last night, pouring. Time for some re-potting in the GH.


Morning all.  Bit overcast, but warmish.  Must get myself off this sofa and outside otherwise I will turn into stone.

Spent many lovely holidays in Cornwall not always in the best of weathers!  Remember vividly on one occasion when we got the tail end of a hurricane in America.  Was very scarey.  Mevagissy was a must every year.  My favourite place is Looe where I would love to visit out of school holidays!! My problem now is the travelling.

Hope you do well Andy and I loved the azalea. Makes me want to try again as I never seem to get it right.


Just spotted another Kitchen spam, have reported to moderator!


Well spotted Sue, I've emailed daniel too.

On the positive side the phone number has been omitted and the website address has been obfuscated in order to beat the spam filters.

While it is annoying it got through it is pretty much useless as SEO spam as it will not link and raise page rank. Great work from the website team

I think a regular expression can catch this too, and will be a little bit of fun to create as an exercise (like a crossword puzzle or a sudoku).  



Just had a quick look blackest (while doing ironing  ) - those water lilies are just divine...

sounding a bit Elton John there..

Where exactly is the garden- do you know?


Lovely pix tho 


Blackest. Fab pics!


...I've just noticed the discussion on Cornish gardens and that some of you may be visiting in the near future.... I don't know if you've heard of this garden at all, but I used to live nearby and it's such a lovely place that isn't touted quite so much perhaps because it's privately owned.. It's called Pine Lodge, at St Austell...and is the home of Mr and Mrs Clemo - great plant collectors...

It's situated between Heligan and Eden Project, not far from either, but it's less commercialised... or used to be so...

...might be of interest - I hope so...

...oh, and good afternoon....


Just had a phone call from my wife she came 3rd overall in the baking & handcraft section and my plants got Azalea 2nd Senetti 3rd am happy but think the wife's a bit disappointed but she sets a high standard for herself.It's rained on and off all day so far i will go into garden later if it dry's up if not it's the greenhouse for some re-potting.


Well done to your wife Andy, congratulations. It is a bit disappointing to be so close, isn't it, but depending on how many were entered, it's still a great achievement!


Well done to both of you. 3rd's pretty good isn't it? - especially overall.

That garden looks lovely Salino. We didn't know about it when we went to Cornwall 2 years ago, but we went to Heligan and the Eden project.


This was one of my favourite private ones, think it was called "Hidden Valley".


...that's one I've not heard of  -'Hidden Valley',- but I'm glad you enjoyed your time there... there are so many great places to visit for us gardeners, I think we are lucky  in this respect...