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I have been out to inspect my dahlias today and found them flattened by the heavy rain over the weekend do I leave them or pick up and tie them together ??


Also do Dahlia die back in the winter ??



I have dahlia that are from tubers and seed. I will be waiting to take seed from mine then lifting them all after first frost. Chopping down and storing in shredded paper upside down. Then in spring pop into compost and off you go again!! I take cuttings when they start again. I will mark my plants/tubers with a label of the colour so when I take cuttings I know what I have got. As this year I didn't label and I managed to get all my new cuttings in yellow!!! Oops!!!! 


I save my seed as an insurance policy but with seed you won't get true plants you get weird and wonderful colours but that is half the fun. 

stake and support the plant, it will help it, ball ways deadhead regularly then just easy off late summer to save a few heads for seed. I managed to propagate and prick up 357 dahlia plants this year and gave to my farther for his large borders, they look awesome! He won't lift his he lets them take their chance but I lift mine as I want to keep my original specimens (if that is the right term!)

If the tuber is squashy next year then don't set it. Just keep frost free and dark. Then pray they make it through! 


My Dahlia is in a big pot so I think I will lift it 

I might even take some cuttings next year (red flame) is what I've got and it's a wonderful flower everyone comments on it MY FIRST



Kevin Moore

Often the dahlia will recover from being flattened as long as the stems have not been snapped or damaged too badly. This will depend on how new the affected growth is of course. With very large specimens it is always best to stake them or offer some kind of support to avoid rain damage.

I was always told that dahlias should be lifted and stored over winter but my attempts were unsuccessful and all but one succumbed to mould. I think I didn't check them enough over the winter so I never tried it again.

These days, I simply leave them in the ground as if they are planted deep enough and mulched they will survive. In the East of England we had temperatures down to -15 last winter but a higher percentage of my dahlias survived than were lost to the cold this year.

I also take seed as a precaution but as Red Dahlia says, seed doesn't grow true to the original plant. This is part of the fun though as you never know what you are going to get. The seed grows very easily, so it is never difficult to fill any spaces if a couple haven't survived the winter.

That said, bringing dahlias indoors in February will give you a head start if you have lifted them.

It will depend on how much time you have as to which route you decide to take.



My Dahlia is in a pot so should I lift it or move it to the conservatory? My Conservatory is unheated with a ventilation gap all the way around the roof but I should have my greenhouse finish by December.and intend to have two tube heaters 


Is February to late to be lifting a plant or moving it into a conservatory/greenhouse 

when do you start collecting seeds ??


how can i get rid of the red beetle that keeps eating my lillys every year, and can i take my lillys out the pot and repot?


Can anyone recommend some very low growing hardy geraniums for front of border please. I put some in and they're about 3' tall !


I live in the Midlands and leave my Dahlias in the ground planted deep and very deep mulch on top they survive.I clear the muclh back when the last frosts have  gone.

Clueless,,gently lift each dahlia stem and tie up to a cane.  If you put 3 canes around your plant and with a length of string lift each dahlia stem and tie it in you can then see what you have that's intact.   Those stems broken will be discarded.  Those stems intact I would cut off the top most stems with flowers and buds.  Make sure the newly supported dahlia is securely firm to continue growing and flowering.  

I had a very tall yellow dahlia that was flattened by wind and rain when we had a thunderstorm 3 weeks ago. It is now looking wonderful....I did just as I suggest you do now.

Yes dahlias die back in winter.  They form tubers during the summer.  After the first frost has blackened the foliage lift your dahlia and take into the greenhouse.  Let it dry off, upside down, and wrap in newspaper or fleece until the spring.  It will grow away even bigger and better than this year


Cool thank Verdun 

I been and tied up my Dahlia to green canes Four in total, god this red flame is so pretty against the dark foliage. I've also be on youtube to look how to collect the seeds and cuttings in the spring. So fingers crossed I will try to do seeds and cutting for next year.




good tip thanks Junk I will try your's next year 


Making me envious James.  Will look up dahlia Red  flame.   won't know,where to put it though....the new beds I'm making weren't meant to include dahlias!

Just checked out dahlia red flame......gotta have it



Verdun if I get through the winter with it I will send you a cutting if you want.?


Hey!  Sounds good. Thanks

I've never bothered to keep the dahlia seeds as \i take up the tubers each year but I'm going to try growing a few now to see what colours they come out as.

Stake your dahlias firmly when they're just starting to get  tall but do lift them up and stake them now anyway.

I take  up mine each autumn when they've finished flowering that way you have the new tubers to pot up and grow more plants from but in the south east especially london you can leave them in.

dry them  before storing  to avoid mould and choose a cool dry storage place.

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