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joyce mannell

I had my 3 fences replaced last tuesday  on a lovely dry day and my garden is in a mess now will the plants grow again as they threw lots of compost everywhere on the borders as its clay also the fences which were  on the lawn made a mess 

What plants where there Joyce?

joyce mannell

a rose a spirea lavender clematis which i dont want to lose

Well I think the spires will probably come through best, but the plants won't like all the soil above where it was, so is there any way you could atleast round the base of the plants move all the soil touching the base of the plants? Roses should've or should be cut down to a foot now anyway, and they're hardier than a lot of people think, that should be alright. Clematis, I'd suggest that you definitely remove any soil on the actual. Plant itself or around the base as it could rot the plant. Have you got some wire or trellis to train it up the fence against? That could be a job needing doing sooner rather than later. And lavenders may just need any damaged pieces snipped off, that should be alright. I'm dont want you to panic though, just do them when you can, if the rain lets up! And when you do go onto your borders, bare in mind that you will need  a scaffold board or similar, so you don't compact the soil. Hope this helps 

joyce mannell


Thank you for the advice 

I dont have a scaffold board so i cant walk on the lawn as i want to clean my fish pond pump as asap 

yes i still have the trellis to put up for the clematis   

and i want to get to the greenhouse asap as well  

still we are lucky we are not under water as some parts of the country 


Why don't you get some stepping stones put down or something, they're a god send in this wEsther,especially on our clay soils, I had to out a few patio slabs down as I have hardly any topsoil, straight onto yellow clay. failing a scaffold board, you could try a box lid or so,etching, basically anything that will distribute the weight of each foot, so you don't sink and compact the soil 

Is your pump still on? I used to turn mine off around November and net everything out until march (ish) time, although I don't have one now and that's when I had time to stand there netting it out haha

joyce mannell

Thank You Ryan

I keep my pump on whch is silly as its so clear but it stops the ice forming when the weather gets bad

Another problem I have a water lilly on top of a flowerpot it grows but never spreads should i put it on the bottom of the pond ??

I will try and get something to stand on even the water butt lid would do so long as i dont fall




Clematis don't mind being buried a bit.  In fact, the advice when planting is to plant them deeper than they were to encourage more buds to form stems.   The advice when planting new roses is to bury the graft join a couple of inches below soil level so they won't mind a mulch or compost either. 

I have a friend who mulches his entire garden with a couple of inches or more of well rotted compost every winter and his plants all come through just fine - 2 care garden with trees, shrubs, roses, clematis, perennials and bulbs.   The reasoning is that the worms will work it in to his heavy clay soil and gradually improve it and it works.

I would just get in there asap and put up some trellis or wire supports for the clematis before everything starts to shoot.    Roses can be pruned now if you have mild winters but not when a frost is forecast as this damages the fresh wounds and can introduce disease.  It's also OK to wait till March if you have cold winters.


Pleasure Joyce.  Typo so 2 acre garden, not 2 care!  He gets a lorry load of compost delivered from the local Council heap as his own compost heaps don't meet his needs. 

I mulch thickly with load of compost too most years and, yes, plants,just grow through it.

Joyce, re your water lily, they do like being a bit deeper.  Is it a miniature or full size?  If the latter I would lower it.  Also it may need repotting.  Best done a little later I think.

good advice from Ryan but I wouldn't let too much soil gather around your lavendar so best cleared away I think

joyce mannell


I dont know if  the water lilly is a miniature or large as the leaves dont grow it looks healthy i will gamble and see 

I am not worried about the lavender as its only a small cutting  


thanks for the advice

joyce mannell


thought i would let you know 

The gardener or the wind must have blown the waterlilly off the pot it was standing on  so i left it to see what happened and leaves are forming at last 

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