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I bought a lovely Lobelia "Queen Victoria " last weekend. It has a beautiful deep red stem or should I say had. Something is striping the outer red layer from the stem. Has anyone any ideas what might be doing this?


Slugs are very fond of lobelias. Can you see any slime trails about


You will have to grow it with a moat of water around it.  It looks lovely when it on sale, but nobody will tell you how much slugs and snails love it.

Well,,it loves to grow in water anyway so a "moat" is good.  A rIng of copper pipe around the lobelia will help deter slugs n snails.

Go out with a torch at night and grab the critters there and then.  


I had a red stemed lobelia in my pond.  Heaven knows how they managed to crawl across the water from the edge (along the bottom and up?).   The stems were a good 7/8 inches away from the side and sitting in two incheses of water, but slugs still managed to get onto it and have a field day with It.  Decimated.  Never attempted to grow it again.  Convinced slugs must have parachuted in.


I had one as well and slugs made a meal of it so never again for me.

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