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Any ideas why one nasturtium pot is dying (right hand side) but the other is still looking green? 



Could be slug bitten, less water, snapped off from the bottom, sometimes things happen, I would just pull it out and plant something else there.


The one on the left is in a corner - does it get a little less direct sunlight than the one on the right? - it looks as if it does - my nasturtiums in containers are struggling a bit in this heat - the ones that get a little more shade are noticeably better than the others - I've moved them all into the shade in the hope that they'll recover a bit. 

They seem to respond like this to the tiniest bit of drought, ive got some in a trough that i thought i had kept well watered, but they look like yours, the ones i have in the ground still look amazing! I think dryness seems to bring them on more quickly and they set seed, could be wrong, its just an observation from my garden
Also noticed a difference in different ones in the mixed packs, could just be an earlier one



Mine the same Bekkie, the ones in the runner bean garden are at least 6'long and still trailing, 

I'm thinking overwatering? The thing is they wither so quick with the lovely sunny weather we had during last week, so I gave them plenty of water.... Maybe too much. will it recover? Still a little of summer left I hope. I'm reluctant to put nasturtiums in the ground after all I heard about them spreading everywhere. 

Ive never been over struck Lyn, but this years have been beautiful, got a lovely orangey pinky red, looks very tropical!

Jesse, its possible that any sort of stress could cause it, over watering could do it too, but i wouldnt worry too much, its very possible that its just a wonky batch, unfortunately i doubt it will get better as its an annual and has done its thing now, sorry. I cant remember if this is a type of plant that responds to the length of day, as that could also be a factor.
You could always treat them as a crop now as the seeds are edible

But what can I plant now in early August Lynn? I've no idea.


Hi Jesse, nasturtiums won't take over in the ground, they're annuals and will be gone at the first frost. Easy to cut back or pull up if they go too far.

For something to plant now I'd go to the GC and see what's there. There's always something


They don't really 'spread everywhere' in an invasive way - after all, they're not hardy so as soon as there's a frost they die.  They may self seed but the seedlings are so easily identifiable they're easy to remove if you don't want them. 

Edible seeds, I've been picking off the seeds all summer to prolong flowering, then dumping the pods! Lol. Oops. Are sweet peas better idea for next year?


I can't see the size of those containers, sweetpeas are need more to keep them going well than nasturtiums

the pots are just the plastic windowsill ones from common DIY retailers. I think I will plant more next year though as they had loads of attention from the bees this year, which I was delighted about. Maybe I'll plant one pot of nasturtiums and one of sweet pea. Worth a try. Ah well that's all for next year. Thanks guys for your advice. Guess I'll just let them do their thing till the end of the summer now. 

It could just be the variety, just grow whatever you like, most stuff starts to look a bit tired at this time of the year

Nut is right tho, if you could get a bigger container, that would help alot.

A nice thing to try next year is cobea which is very late flowering in my garden, you would need to grow something else too for earlier interest.

Id do what Nut said, have a wonder round the garden centre, whats best for right now will be on all the main display areas, you might even get a bargain


Thanks Bekkie, i'll have a look at them. 

Sometimes it just happens that way unless you can identify a specific problem.

I have a lovely row of Mangetouts ........the first 10 look good  and have produced well but the last 3 looked ok for a while ( and even gave me a few pods ) but then threw up their leaves in horror and died.... no obvious reason


You can pickle Nasturtium seeds as a substitute for capers. Never had them myself, but I get through so many jars of capers perhaps I should try


I've been doing it ever since I was a small child so that makes over half a century!

Just a jam jar of vinegar (I use cider vinegar nowadays) and pop the seeds in when they're the size of peas - just keep adding them as they're ready. 


Dove, do you have to cook them at all? ...and I'm sure it can't be half a century