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Don't forget you need some seats for Tea Breaks , not just for a rest but also to admire your handy work 

Best of luck


Zoomer good luck with your new adventure

tea and cake hugs and kisses

deano Nice allotment I'm green



still waiting for mine, we have a 5 year waiting list in Cheltenham, so green with envy,

good luck and enjoy Zoomer


Good luck with it Zoomer.

Dean, am intrigued by your device for the piping to support netting, could I see close up pic?

ginagibbs, there were 34 people on the list I went on a couple of weeks ago so I was expecting a long wait. Then last Saturday received an email asking if I wanted a plot to make an appointment to see one the following day and if someone further up the list wanted the plot I'd choosen then they would take priority. There were 8 vacant plots and only 6 people turned up.

Another site, though has a waiting list of 10yrs.It could be worth trying different sites in your area. Some of the smaller allotments have a slower turn over of plots. The site I'm on has 80 plots and sites come up fairly regular. The treasurer said they have a 50% fall out after the first year.      


Zoomer, I finally got my allotment last spring after years on the waiting list and it was totally overgrown. I decided to clear a bit at a time. The other 'plotters' are so friendly and full of good advice, such as put up a shed -OH has done that- and only spend a couple of hours at a time-enough to see a result but not too much to put me off. Loads of useful tips about what grows well. In the small space I cleared I grew beans and fruit.I can't wait for the drier weather, hope to be out this weekend .

No expert

Best of luck zoomer and all allotmenteers. At times I wish I had one, no one to interrupt you while you work(snooze in the garden shed).

Deanos Diggin It


sorry for not getting back sooner, but don't get on here that often these day's, work n all that! 

But it was nothing ingenious! 

The beds themselves were three stackable packing collars laid end to end, and I secured them together using 2 lengths of 3" x 2" down both sides.

 Then drill 22mm holes 2 inch deep at set intervals along both these lengths of batten, inserted six inch lengths of bar in these pre-drilled holes, then pushed 2 metre lengths of 22 mm hep 2 o water piping onto the bar! Easy! 



Deano that's brilliant and just at the right time I have 3 of those pallet collars and was just drawing up my plans over the weekend trying to figure out what to do with them as I had them detailed as 'veg'. Perfect, thanks

Deanos Diggin It

Your welcome Lisa! 

Soz Zoomer! Not wanting to hi-jack your thread! 

No probs Deanos, those beds are excellent, we should have an allotment thread me thinks...    

Sound like you are going to be busy Zoomer44 enjoy and take lots of pics and breaks you could join us on Hello Forkers thread with what you get up to - pics could help with your planning and ideas

Have you seen Rick van man and his allotment videos on you tube really enjoyable to watch

Like your plot Deanos Diggin it where do you get those pallet collars from


Sure I saw somewhere else on here that one member had bought some of the pallet collars from ebay and there is a link..?

I got mine from work and they have metal lugs on each corner so you can slot them together to make them higher.  I'll have a go at recycling anything for the garden, glad to see we all have similar ideas

Somebody on our allotment gave me some of those box's with metal lugs on each corner I've just put one on top of the other and I' going to make a cold frame , just need to get some poly carbonate for the top lid


Will check out Rick van man's allotment video.

I keep driving past places where there are lots of pallets, haven't plucked up the courage yet to stop and ask if they would like me to take some away for them.Two pallets have been donated to the cause but more needed for a compost area.


I found it difficult to get pallets everybody seems to be using them , when I did manager to get some from around the Village where I live , could not get they in the car 

A friend took some up the allotment  the rest I cut up and burnt on the fire , a terrible waste I known !!


 so where would you get pallet collars from, I haven't seen them before Deanos posted those pics...

Hello Zoomer44 I have been looking on eBay put in your postcode see if any near your area too far from mine


Hello Zoomer44

Are you going to the allotment, have you managed to do any more?

Interesting to know how your allotment is going so far

any photos