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Maybe us 27 year olds have some tips to share. Would be interested to know if Glyphosate's any good for those...unwelcome self seeding upper lip problems. Have thought of deploying parasene weedburner, but seems a bit extreme.

This is fast turning into a mother's and younger women's (27 yr old) private club! Why have the men stopped posting??


Figrat, can't imagine what you are talking about. Tweezers?  Works for me.



Too time consuming! Maybe a Lilliput sized strimmer?



Ha ha, love this conversation! I had my first and only child when I married him, 42 years later and nothing has changed, in fact it's getting worse!

Tweezers for me too, tried Veet a couple of times, but it seemed to work like fertilizer, things grew twice as fast.

Have fun girls, and never mind the guys, they can have their turn later!



That's better - that's what this Board is for - good practical gardening tips - for Ladies' Gardens   now don't anyone start talking about clematis  

Don't worry about clematis, the guys can never find it.

Had to read that 3 times SS before I fell in. Very funny.  Know exactly what you mean. They're always little boys at heart.


Well would you believe it...I'm 27 too but can't quite fathom how I have a son 2 years older and a daughter 1 year younger than I am   funny thing is though I remember the long hot summer of '76  I was still at school and it was the year I met my 1st love (oh I really thought I was going to marry you do when you're 15) 

I met my hubby when I was 15 and I did marry him
Pam LL x

Have only just come upon this thread, but I gather it is about the lovely Verdun (whose posts I so enjoy) being bullied on the four candles thread. A few months ago, when I had only been on this forum a short while, I received a couple of 'private messages' from someone begging me to go on this thread. I explained that I did not understand what thy were talking about on fork handles; had to do this quite forcefully - twice.

I sort of got the impression that it was a bit of an exclusive club, but like Grouch Marx I never want to be a member of a club that would allow me in.


I have tried good...had a red mark all the next burns the next day.......tried ignoring the tash but then I looked the end settled for tweezers.......great.....check the upper lip every night...and I look ok.......poor men they don't now half of what we get up to.....well maybe they do now!!!!!
Hi artjak haven't been on the site for a little while, it's good to be back, x
Hello Artjak, nice kind words. Let's just make the forum work for everybody

Hi artjak - good to see you   The Board seems a happy place now 

Pennine Petal
We've put that one to bed Artjak and are trying to move on. I'll talk to anyone, sometimes OH has to stop me. Bit like my mum she could talk the hand leg off a donkey as my grandad used to say. It used to drive me mad when I was a kid. The thing is they don't let me out very often! Not surprising really.