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 An acquaintance of mine has posted  the winter photo below as having been take in "Upstate NY...lake effects...closing 81 between a town called Brewerton and Watertown . " Can you give me some facts about photo? Thanks-- from Malone, Upstate, New York.




Fab photo Bill. My in-laws live in Toronto, we had Christmas with them a few yrs ago-never ever have I seen so much snow and felt sooooooooo cold. Love the country and everything about Canada. Never ever will l go again in the winter. Perfect distance for a mother in law to live!

ha! tell me something I don't know, nutcut.




I don't know how you deal with that sort of cold catlab. Especially when the power goes down.  


All is well. Have a great new year, nutcutlet!



Thanks catlab. Have a good 2014 

Yes Star gaze lilly I agree-smack hand is in order, there all

otnorot but just call me Bill

Catlab I cant say for sure if these photos are American or Canadian,they were sent to my by a friend in Sudbury Ont.But we both suffer from the winter.The only time I enjoyed winter was from when I was 6 years old until I was about 27 or 29,I loved ice skating,tobogganing,skiing.


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