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I use n-power and got £135 discount last year. They are in trouble this year and have to repay, but they are only paying to customers who use the warm home front scheme.

Please take a look and if you qualify, use it.


The sneaky toads hide this money. That you should have.! 


Ring fenced means, Locked in and can't be used for other things like "flood rescue" 

Please use it, if you qualify, otherwise it will be wasted on expenses. ITS YOUR MONEY REMEMBER. YOU VOTED FOR THIS NON GOVERNMENT.

Sorry the last bit was a bit political. not like me. Sorry again but please do not miss out if you qualify. Remember it is yours!

Thats is a new green house to me. ( i wish.)

Kind regards.



Edd i think due to the lack of responce to your thread  perhaps people might think  you have an ulterior motive with this, but yes it is given out free,so if people who didnt know about it might want to follow your online address but it might need doing quickly,

good luck and im retired no ulterior motive here Alan4711 


I had a look but unfortunately I don't appear to be eligble - good to keep bumping this up Alan 



Thanks for the info, I'm gonna forward it onto my mum who will most likely be unaware of this


This is good edd, My parents are over 75 and not only have they not heard about this, my mum is £400 in cradit, but they won't talk to my  mum because Dads name is on the bill, and they won't give a refund of the overpaid amount. I feel a new supplier coming on.

Advertisement your parents pay by Direct debit ?  If so, and they are seeking a refund, it may be worth them cancelling the DD.  That does often make the supplier more willing to notice your, when they can no longer just keep taking money from you ad lib they tend to be more amenable 

If your parents do change supplier, make sure both of them are named on the account - that way, they have to talk to either named holder.

I really do sympathise as I had terrible problems with my supplier for a good 18 months. 

Very best of luck anyway.



If it suits you, please do not lose out. It will change next year.


fidget - I think they're obliged to give back that amount of credit. I was £150 in credit this year and next thing I knew it was in my bank account. If it's more than a monthly debit they have to return it. A small threat about going to the papers or local MP might see them change their tune. If your parents are that much in credit then the company has it's sums wrong  about how much power is being used too.

Good post Edd 


Thought I would give this thread a bump now that The Coalition Government has vetoed a proposal to put people before profit and give the energy regulator for Great Britain a statutory duty to ensure that energy suppliers pass on price cuts to consumers when wholesale costs fall. (like now, but they voted no )

Bit of a rant sorry.

This scheme was promoted on Watch Dog last night. Shame the energy suppliers don't promote it the same.


I get this rebate from British Gas too.


great post Edd.

there must be loads of people out there who have no idea what they are entitled to and never will. Being in my late 70's and worked from the age of 15  until the age of 60 when I had to retire part of Maggie thatcher's privatisation scheme which brought redundencies(that's another story) ive always thought that if im entitled to any help I shouldn't have to go cap in hand.

regards phil.


Bumped back up for all to see 

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