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A lovely little oak tree has sprung up in my veggie patch. My garden is much too small to accommodate it so I wondered if there is any reason why I should not plant it in a wild wood nearby which is left pretty much unmanaged?  I think this wood is on land owned by the Co-op who once owned all the farm land around here. I'm not sure if that is the case now. It has been used by the local people to walk their dogs and children have played there (and still do) as far back as anyone can remember.


The official line is you shouldn't do anything on another persons land, without the owners permission.-

--  But I love a bit of geurilla gardening.

are there oak trees in the wood already? If so, a new seedling shouldn't arouse too much suspicion - you're just giving nature a helping hand.


If you've not got oak trees around your garden, then it's likely to have been planted by a jay - he's probably been planting them all over the place, so if you move yours somewhere I don't suppose anyone will mind   

Anyway, if it was my wood and I didn't want it there I'd just remove it, so no real harm done either way 


Thanks all!  Yes there are oak trees in the wood and I have already earmarked a spot fairly near another oak tree. I don't want to break the law but cannot bring myself to discard this lovely seedling. I had thought a grey squirrel was responsible as beech seedlings pop up everywhere and my bulbs keep coming up in different places! I expect I'll never know.



If you want to give it a chance to grow into a big handsome oak tree, give it as much space as you can, away from the other large trees, then you can watch it grow up 

Plant it for sure.probably will need a guard as newly disturbed ground attracks rabbits and deer.i would also urinate on it , it does deter unwanted attention !!!

On the topic of oak tree's I collected some nuts, if that's what they are called, whilst visiting a garden, they were falling on my head whilst sat under a tree, it was ever so hard not to bring some home and so I have four after choosing the best.

How do you sow and germinate them? I don't want a tree in the garden but would like to start one off in a pot.


Acorns they are Zoomer. sow them now and leave them outside over winter. Like the squirrels do.

Oaks need space and an open position to grow.  Nothing overhanging.

Whenever i find an oak seedling i prise it up, then plant it in a pot and nurture it on until big enough to locate somewhere either in our field or one of my neigjbours. One seedling my 11 year old found when he was 3 is still in a pot having been transferred a few times which we call Charlie's oak. One day we'll plant it somewhere safe.

Yes, do as Nutcutlet suggests then pot on for two or three years before planting out into open ground. Must surround with wire to prevent rabbit damage. Why not try growing one or two as bonsai ?

I have one growing in a pot ( acorn was from somewhere special) - this is its second year. Thought i would have to find a site for it soon - but can i keep it in a pot for 8 years cornishboy? How big is Charlies oak now? Would love to see a pic if you have one, to show me what to look forward to!!



I found an oak sapling growing in my allotment and couldn't bear to destroy it so potted it up.  It is now twenty years old and still in the pot.  I suppose it is like a bosai and I often wonder if I am being cruel to keep it.


Found this photo I took last year of the oak (on left) and mini apple tree grown from a pip in 1987.


 It is a good feeling to grow a tree.

I gather conkers and pot them up, after a couple of years i give them to a friend who plants them on his land. It is nice to think that they will continue growing long after i am gone!


Charlies oak is now about 3 to 4 feet high, it has been repotted a few times as it has got bigger. As for a photo, i will have to get back to you on that Chicky cos i'm not terribly technical when it comes to these ere computers.

Sounds a good idea to grow an oak as a bonsai, Old timer2.

Love your apple tree grown from a pip Forester2.