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Apparently a great white shark is heading towards Cornwall.  

Its prob heard about our pasties but Cornish folk dont want to be on the menu


Verdun, that sounds serious. Do they eat cake as well?

Wow!! Really? That's awesome! Means less of the great unwashed will be at the seaside. Yay peace and quiet for us holiday makers!

I warned you about that last week Verdun!!!  Told you to keep an eye on Spike when you're walking on the beach!!!  Sometimes you just don't listen!!! 

Fidget is our shark expert - she'll know what to do - but if in doubt I have it on good authority that they'll do almost anything for a Bedfordshire Clanger 


I'm not worried.  Once punched an aggressive dog on the nose and put him in his place.....that chihuahua didn't bother me again.  I will do same to great white,,of course 

Seriously, not a great attraction for the holiday season down here 



...she's pregnant.. so you might have lots of baby ones to contend with too...

Clarington wrote (see)
Wow!! Really? That's awesome! Means less of the great unwashed will be at the seaside. Yay peace and quiet for us holiday makers!

Nice comment!  I dont think so.

hollie hock

I think I'm one of the great unwashed

Wow that's great ! I love sharks ! How about we feed them one direction ! 


Verdun, I suggest you buy in a job lot of binoculars and telescopes and set up a roadside stall and flog them to the Emmets - they'll be flocking down there in their droves!!!


I'll tell you a little secret. The tourist authority in Cornwall has a hotline to the redtops. Every year as soon as the basking sharks are seen, some idiot reports a great white off Cornwall. This fills up  all the available boats with reporters and their cameras. It helps to make up for a rotten winters fishing. The baskers move around from mounts bay to sennen cove  then up to the isle of man. Lots of excitement. I've snorkelled with basking sharks off porthcurno. They eat a lot of plankton. What nobody reports is the orca off gurnards head.  I have to say that the day I saw one doing his shamu impression, I was gobsmacked.They don't get reported because killer whales eating baby seals is not good for the tourist industry.


Plenty of Great Whites in the Med!


 We had a great white here yesterday!!! 


It's the killer coconuts you have to watch out for. More people get killed by coconuts falling on their heads each year, than get eaten or maimed by sharks.

Of course there's not many coconut palms in Cornwall either.



I like Greg Norman

Not just a great white shark coming but an adders seen last week on local Godrevy beach AND an anticipated invasion of emetts......from north of the Tamar .......this summer 


Hopefully they will be the 'unwashed' might lessen our water rates a tad.

Pottie Pam

I've been lucky enought to see basking sharks on a boat trip out from Falmouth and a few years ago there were at least 12 swimming round in a circle just off Perranporth.

Orcas are occasionally seen on the crossing over to the Scillies.

I saw my first adder last week, Verdun. I know there not your favourite creatures but I love to see them. This one was only a baby. I've taken the camera back every day to try and get a photo but it hasn't re- appeared.