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hollie hock

@christopher1,2,3 or Verdun, or however christopher is spelt. I really don't care what name you call yourself,it isn't earth shattering news. As other's have said this is a gardening all this pedantic talk from you makes me want to switch off and ignore you as I'm starting to think you are just out to make a point and to somehow make this forum "all about you"

I would like to think this would be a shame as it's all about sharing experience/knowledge/thoughts about Verdun it is then

Verdun, yes please. Back to gardening issues. I'll see where I can contribute now.

I have just logged in and I am deeply mortified by my faux pas, what can I do to make amends? Is it easy to change my username.

Christopher2/Verdun I am deeply sorry if I have caused any distress .

hollie hock

There is something not right about all this, I'm going to block you from now on, you are now on my ignore list and all your alias names

No that's ok cristopher2. I have changed my name now so keep yours. ,we Cornish guys need to stick together. Such a coincidence though with our names and both from Cornwall. I think people thought I was asking you up though...ha ha. Enjoy the forum


Cristopher2 , I have just been blocked now. Just noticed a Cornish Chris just posting too so it's all getting strange. Holliehock, I really am talking to cristopher2 and not making any of this up. I have decided to,leave this forum now. All I did was change my name and gave reasons why's weird. I think people think I'm talking to myself by changing my name but why would I do this?
Cristopher2 clearly you are blocked too now. I have asked forum editor Daniel haynes to try and reassure this forum that nobody is playing a joke. I enjoyed being a part of this forum so am sad to leave it. Hopefully the editor will intervene to allow acceptance of your postings. Shame, it would have been nice to,have had an exchange with fellow Cornishman

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