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I've been out today and bought some blood, fish & bone meal when I say a lot I mean a lot 60kg in total (sale) 6 by 10kg tubs OK I bought the lidded tubs so I can make soup/tea/feed next year

Can I use this as lawn fertilizer is so is it better to use this as a spring fertilizer

Also while I'm on with fertilizer’s are all tomato feeds the same or is there a brand that is the best 

I intend to make comfrey also nettle soup with seaweed already in my arsenal I should be ready for next year but buying tomato feed is on my list of things to buy as I don’t think the soup’s will be ready until the end of June next year


James, I'm not overly keen on too much fertiliser.  Plants are usually much stronger and robust without being forced.  

I wouldn't use blood fish no bone on your lawn to avoid this until the  spring.  The only issue with this on the lawn is that it could encourage foxes, etc to dig the lawn for the fish, the blood and the bone that seems to be buried there.!!  If animals aren't a problem then use it there.  Just make sure it is well watered in.  Think I would apply it early, mid and then fairly late (no later than mid August) in the season

Do you have a big garden?  60 k is a lot of fertiliser.  

Tomato food?  Well. Italophile is the expert here but I think one brand is as good as another.  Even phostrogen.  I like to use seaweed sprays too and some tomato feeds imcorporate this.  This year  I used diluted milk as a spray too for the calcium ingredient and I think it protects the leaves from various diseases.  I had great toms this year.

I'm a great believer in feeding the soil...hence organic fertilisers .....rather than the plants ( with artificial fertilisers like Gromore). 

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