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Many of the GW offers are through T&M, it's obviously your choice whether to buy or not, but price checking other suppliers, and for the current clematis offer I did, you can get the same plants elsewhere cheaper and with less postage.

As an example of how well this site works and how helpful it can be is obvious. You asked a simple question, and just see the number of replies!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply, you have all defiantly given me lots to think about and I can see myself becoming a regular to this site whilst on my travels today I nipped into the 99p shop and picked by 5 rose bushes, they all look quiet healthy and for that price I thought they would be worth a try. I can feel a trip up to aldi's at weekend

Busy Bee2

I swear there is more joy in the gardener's heart for the plant that cost very little, or looked so poorly, or was given by a friend than there ever is for the beautiful leafy specimen that came from the garden centre at full price. 

Duncan Blackwell
Don't forget aswell, any mail order firm is only as good as the courier they use.
I'm sure everyone on here knows of someone that's had parcels thrown over the back gate

I've had really cheap bulbs from the likes of B&M Bargains & they have been fine. I got a pack of 25 mini iris bulbs for £1.49,they are coming in to flower now & I'm thrilled with them! I've also used a mail order company called Plantify & the quality of the plants were fantastic so I would recommend them.

Also ask friends & neighbours for recommendations or if they have any cutting etc going spare!!




Here here, BB2, Dave, Duncan and Goodday. I've found almost any gardener will let you take a few discreet cuttings of a plant you see, if you ask politely. You mihkt even get invited in to the back garden to see if there's anything else that takes your fancy!

An old gentlemen I once knew dragged me in and proceeded to dig up half his garden for divisions for me. I still take cuttings every yr from a standard fuchsia he bought for my Birthday. It was my first ever standard, and now I'm getting a bit obsessed with them! Just asking the name of his begonias led to a great friendship, and all of my orchids came from him. I still keep in touch tho I have moved to Scotland. He is 93 and frail now, but still loves to know how my garden is doing. Gardeners love to share, in my experience, which is why this forum is so popular.

 Incidentally, he is 50yrs and 2 days older than me, so that is one birthday I can never forget! I hope he makes his telegram.

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