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Dear Forum Members,

I was looking through my cherished late Granny's much-loved gardening book which some of you may still have in your possession - "The Complete Book of Gardening" by J. Coutts et al. The following made me laugh so much I nearly split my sides. Maybe it's just me. See below:

"Mowing Machines: There are many good mowing machines on the market, all designed on one of two principles, and ranging in size from very light models that cut a strip of grass eight inches in width and which can easily be pushed by a woman, to the heavy machines with iron rollers driven by a motor grrrr!, and which cut a width of a yard or more at a time."

Oh well, it was published in 1954!!


The Grateful Deadhead



Correction: By the way, 'grrrr' should have been in parentheses as it was added by me, and is not part of the extract by J Coutts et al.


GD I can't wait to see what comments follow  Kneading a stone of bread must have been so easy for the ladies.


He obviously hadnt heard of the Land Army girls in the war.


Perhaps we should only talk about kittens and leave the serious stuff to the men (excuse me I just have to go and be sick)


That is sexism.  

Women can drive now...not as good as me, ...can garden ..not as good as me,....can make decisions...not as good as me, can make important, er, little, decisions....not as good as me, and can generally be almost as good as men in this world.............


........oops!  I'll get my coat


Get your hat too verdun!

Hey!  Who posted that disgraceful post in my name?  Just popped in to see that and I is shocked to the core.   


Oh, but Verdun; do you know where your coat is without a woman to find it for you. I just have memories of 'Where are my socks?' and 'Where is my shirt, and oh, it hasn't been ironed!'

I hate lawn mowers, esp the petrol ones, they hate me back. The men can have them!

I knew there was a reason I got a man in to cut the grass! Me, being a mere woman, can't push a heavy machine! Take it there were no self propelled petrol mowers then, back in the day?


Yes, Artjak and the classic 'where are my shoes?' having walked past them twice. Where was a man when I was wheeling a barrow of bricks to build a pond for our fish? Talking to a neighbour.


Oh and the classic falling into a canal while talking. Del Boy's got nothing on my lovely OH.

Yes my 23st bodybuilder OH was far too tired to help when i spread a tonne of gravel over the front garden!
Dont mind grunt work, cant do anything mechanical

My elderly neighbour is always making comments of, "when your husband cuts the hedge tell him....", "must have had a hard time moving all that soil".  I've given up pointing out that hubby is not a garden person.  It was me that moved the ton of mulch and multiple tons of soil and cuts the hedges and is halfway through the bulk bag of gravel to spread. Not complaining. It's my hobby.  But why does the world assume I'm supping tea and watching him doing it?


My nan used to say "this is when you need a man" erm wernt a man that levelled your garden, then layed slabs and gravel nan, god rest her!

Noodle, i would gladly sup tea and let him get on with it, but that aint gonna happen!

It is strange how i never had to do anything laborious, even carry a heavy bag on a train when i was young and slim, must just look more capable now im sure!

I can remember shovelling a ton of gravel for my lovely mum in law from her drive to her back garden.


My (ex) husband once picked up a packet of Angel Delight and asked me how to make it.

I patiently told him the instructions were on the packet 

I am greatly cheered by the replies to my original post. You have all put a smile on my face

Going back to sexism and gardening though, what really winds me up is when I am in a garden centre and I see gardening gloves which have been marketed for 'ladies' and they are not only twee floral patterns in lilac and rose pink, but they are so thin that they wouldn't even protect you from a stinging nettle. The assumption made, in the product design stages of these gloves is "ladies, YOU aren't going to be doing anything REALLY heavy duty now in the garden, ARE you? Now, buy these gloves and trim your chamomile".


Yes I can remember my dad asking me how to make scrambled eggs when my mum had tonsilitis (I was 10)