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Highland Jeannie

Been a bit busy for a while & haven't had much time to post but have been reading the messages, and I haven't seen any sign of Frank lately.

Has he been on here & I've missed him? What have you done with your "grandad" fairygirl??

Hope he's ok; I enjoy reading his posts for his knowledge & advice. 


Some of us were only saying the other day that we'd not seen him about lately 


Don,t think he,s;posted since June,strange nobody has heard anything,I loved his postings.


Dove's right Jeannie. He's not posted since late June. I sent him a PM but not had a reply. Wondered if he was away staying with one of his children. He also had problems with his computer a while back so maybe he  hasn't got one just now. It's  a bit worrying to say the least.

Woody also hasn't been on for a while and I noticed Artjak hasn't either.


Last post I saw from artjak said she hadn't got time to mess around looking for threads with no emails to alert her.

hollie hock is missing as well, I was going to report back on a plant she sent me.




What about Andy 51?


Do you mean Andy who lives near me Gilly? Our schools are back now so he's probably quite busy but he was also getting more chemo so he might be laid a bit low just now 


I haven't seen any posts from Goldilocks for a while either ...miss the good advice and weather reports from up north!

Have a feeling they may have been " poached"


some might have Verdun, not frank or artjak though, can guarantee it


Yes Fairygirl,I did mean Andy near he had,nt posted for a while was just hoping his treatment was going ok.


or Andy - would stake my house on it.


On going problems with this site may have put a few off?

Hope they are all well.  Maybe the autumn will bring them back. 


Feels like Autumn this evening Verdun.



Summer is a difficult time for many people. It is hard to fit in everything, gardening, holidays and visits./families. I know I have tried, so maybe people will return as the nights draw in and the weather is less good


I don't think anybody has been poached! Maybe they are on holiday.


I thought I saw a reply from Andy the other day. A thread from someone wanting to know something, not a chat thread.

I think sometimes one is just busy and life takes over. Maybe more people on here in winter.

Frank hasn't posted on the weather thread for  a while... I miss's a real pain not getting notifications...I'm at the point of throwing in the towel...


I've never used notifications. I just come in and poke around