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Heather D

We have a very rocky garden and need to cover some banks with very little soil with plants that also need very little water (we live in Spain) currently have a succulent with amber foliage and small red / pink flowers but they look dead!!

flowering rose

houseleeks would do lovely ,or and cactus or succulent  which  there are many .


The mediterranean herbs would do well I should think

Rosemary & Thyme do well in stony ground


If you have any crevices or depressions use them as planting pockets to help get plants established.

I would have thought that any succulents and Mediterranean herbs would be worth trying. Also thinking about things that self seed between paving - maybe shasta daisies, some of the campanulas, poppies - may be worth a try

Some of the succulents that I have seen when on holiday can look quite ropey out of season and then suddenly look stunning when in flower, so might be worth waiting and watching.

Prostate rosemary could look lovely tumbling down?


Oooh yes prostrate Rosemary. Good idea!

Cistus, helianthemum, lavenders all love poor ground even pinks will do well on thin soil. Penstemons are drought resistant as well.

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