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Hi doesanyone does anyonemhavemanymidea what plhas app appeared in my garden. It has a pink carnation type flower head which is about 2.25 diameter.The leaves are light green and saw toothed. The plant is about 1 foot tall.


We'll need a photograph please Keith - to upload a pic just click on the tree icon in the toolbar above where you post a message and follow the instructions 

Yes having problem with my Ipad cheers I continue to try cheers




Peony flowered opium poppy. Papaver somniferum. Save the seed and scatter around if you want more. They do not yield opium in this country as we do not have enough day length and heat.

Thankyou very much amazing quick response. Anymore info from any other subscribers would be very welcome. Ismthismclassed as a wild flower?


The flower is starting to wilt unfortunately


Not a wild flower in this country. This is probably a cultivar called pink chiffon.

If you let the seed pod dry, the seeds store well and you can scatter them next spring where you want them.


from the leaves, it looks like the wild double flowered opium poppies.

Thanks very much for your very informative responses.Much appreciated


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