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Just been tracking my plant order.  It's very exciting......well, it's been a bit boring today, see that my order has been collected and is currently at the Leeds depot.  I shall check it again tomorrow to see is.  Then I will know fairly accurately when my parcel will arrive.

(I had a parcel last week and tracked hadn't arrived when I returned with my dog for his walk.  I Immediately checked the status on iPad and it said "delivered".  Went to front door and there it was.  Isn't technology wonderful?)


I might just hold it ransom as it passes my door Verdun until your photos arrive!

No, MrsG.  Don't do that.  See, I really am excited.

(forgot about pics....think I'll wait for another week for miscanthus flowers to fully appear)


Verdun - I'm afraid you might need a new hobby - I think "parcel spotting" might only have shortlived appeal .....


I love waiting for parcels too! Am never in when they get delivered but OH always sends a text when they arrive so I get the expectation when I get home 

Have ordered some more helibores, bigger pots & plants. Hopefully I won't hurt these ones 


What colours 4th panda?  Intended growing a new black this year for delivery in spring.  And a double green intrigues me.  However, unsure of just how rich a green it is.  Will enquire about that.


3 doubles, one black, one dark pink and one white, and 3 singles, greeny pink, purple and white and dark pink.  They are coming in 9 cm pots with lots of growth (if you can believe the picture! I'll wait till they arrive though to see if that's true) from Simply Seeds and plants. They were buy 3 get 3 free.

Just hope I haven't made a mistake 



 I am going to get hellebores from Ashwood at Kingswinford when they are in flower in Spring.  Lots of really nice ones in their photo gallery.

They have an open garden on 28th September. I'm hoping to persuade OH for a day out. Maybe this time we will go North instead of South , when we hit the M5


I'm waiting for a parcel from M&S - not quite as exciting as plants, but at least I'll have some warm jumpers. 

Sounds good fO me 4thPanda.  Just some patience though.  I would pot into bigger pots choosing John innes and just aim for growth for 2014.  

Still best buying in large pots in flower or online with guaranteed colours, as from ashwood and harvington.  (impatience I guess)

My order is now on its way to Cornwall.  I should have kept this secret though cos there may be some serious criminals out there targeting my parcel.

Stacey Docherty

Interesting "jewel" collection of hellebores in gardening weekly. There was a lovely yellow one double I think .... I am tempted I have to admit... Can't wait to see all mine spring to life in te woods again they are kind of buried under all the wild geraniums ATM.... I went to throw a pot out te other week and saw what looked like a basal root cutting with a bit of green so I popped it in with a lupin cutting and it's a hellibore... They are such tough cookies I love them

I have some nice yellows Stacey.  

But, back to the,important order,has progressed even further towards Cornwall.  Ain't you all excited?  However, calm down will soon be here

Stacey Docherty

Is it there yet is there yet Is it there yet is there yet Is it there yet is there yet?


Stacey, that is the offer that I went for!  I love helibores too. . . . a little too much sadly (see my thread about the ones that I may have killed by overwatering and general inexperience )



More to the point... Whats in the parcel, Verdun. ?

Plants could cover a multitude of things.

I had a box of chocolates through the door yesterday. A monthly fix from Hotel chocolat.

Ok, ok ok, Stacey. ,I'll check tracking. Take it easy.its only a parcel of the latest agastaches, Centaureas, another actea, new astrantia and couple of veronicastrums.  I have another........oooo, next week of heleniums so I'll be qqqqqqqqqqqquire excited all over again


So what are you throwing out to make room for all these?

Just's somewhere between the "national hub" and Cornwall.  

Chocs through the post!  My "fix" is  Toblerone......all on its own, that's Toblerone.  I find the large bars taste best

Talking of "fix" I called on someone recently I hadn't seen in a while.   He was growing 3 beautiful plants .....lovely foliage and offered me a potted one.  I declined.  Suffice to say he is the most relaxed, laid back guy you could meet.  

Don't  throw out plants....not decent ones.  Just make new borders.  Shrubs or anything that doesnt hold it's own is discarded.  Old past their sell by date shrubs once removed create nice new planting sites.  Try to replace with new varieties if they are better.