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star gaze lily

Can you move raspberry plants or is this the wrong time of year?


If they're autumn fruiting I'd do it around February, depending on soil conditions, after cutting them hard back.  You should divide them at the same time if needed.

If they're summer fruiting it'll be slightly more complex as you'll have the new canes waving about to contend with - I'd do it in early November.    Some people will probably tell you to cut them hard back and miss a season's fruit, which would make the job easier, but if you're careful not to get your face snagged on the prickles, (you could try wrapping them with corrugated paper while you move them)  I think that if you prepare the ground well and give them plenty of tlc you'll get away with it.

star gaze lily

Thanks dove, they are autumn ones so I'll wait till feb. Many thanks


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