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I have a large strelizia in a pot in my conservatory which flowers pretty regularly. The trouble it's it is pushing itself out of it's pot and looks like it needs repotting. It is already in a pretty large pot and I don't really want to have to buy a bigger one.

So, can I trim back the roots and put it back in the old pot?

It is in four sections of stems- could I divide it?


Never divided this plant but all the advice says you can break it into the pieces you speak of. Pot bound plants flower better so putting it back in the same pot seems like a plan and putting your new divisions in small pots too. Cutting off damaged roots (apparently they will die back anyway and may cause a problem) is a good idea. Hope the link below helps and that you are successful - I would think the offsets, once rooted and if you haven't got room for them would make good presents or could be sold....

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