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Hi folks, my rhubarb isn't doing well at all. Really short stalks and not at all fat. First year in the ground (had been in a pot for a couple of years before).  Any tips of what I can do to get a better crop next year? Thanks


Did you give it anything in the way of topdressing?


I didn't.... What kind of top dressing would you suggest pls?

I'm no expert, but I put I gave mine a good layer of compost in early spring (not on the crown itself) and it has really exploded into growth since then. 

Possibly didn't like the transplanting, I guarantee it will do better next year and even more so should you feed it with compost or well rotted farmyard manure.



Thanks.  I'll have to go without this year. Was surprised to see the cost of rhubarb in the supermarket.  Maybe a trip to a proper market with veg stalls is needed.



It's concentrating on getting its roots into the soil - as has been said, top dress with compost or well rotted farm yard manure now and again in the autumn.  Water well now and again in any dry spells - don't let the soil around it dry right out - and as you've said, don't harvest any stalks this year.  It'll be fantastic next year 


Thanks Dove! 


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