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Its me again stil worrying about my large Phili.  Have decided to keep it but would like to prune it back well.  It is sending up long new shoots.  Should I cut these back now to half so they can still flower next year.  Also should I cut off all the old branches that have flowered so as to tidy it up.  Nearly all tbe blossom has gone now.  It has been truly beautifu

Many thanks to the two that did answer my last query.  All helps.  Thanks.


I'd cut off the old now and leave the new

Agreed.  Also trace the oldest wood back to the base.  Ths will remove new growth too on those branches,of course.  If you remove one or two old branches this way and then prune out flowered wood annually you will achieve a more compact size. ,

Incidentally, I intended to prune my mock orange this evening but it's raining.  Light, misty stuff though.  Mine too has been wonderful.    Saw a new dwarf variety recently.....lovely large flowers but no scent.  What???


Might do for me Verdun. I don't like the smell of Philadelphus

Advertisement's fantastic scent...


Not to my nose Verdun, just a bit less awful than privet


I am not sure that Philadelphus can be kept to a manageable size. Mine was about 10 foot high last year and I took it all back to about 4 foot at the back end. It has put on at least another 4 feet this summer so just about back to where I started. Just the right shrub in the wrong place. Tomorrow, the chainsaw is coming out and sayonara Phili............  

Thank you all for your helpful suggestions.  Will get out there this weekend and deal with it.  Verdun - I had a small one in my last garden thinking it would be good, not too big BUT as you say there was never any smell.  I just love to smell flowers.  I have an old rose near this Phili and in the last couple of weeks the combination, with the lovely warm weather was great.  Thanks again.


They can be kept in check. Our Bell Etoile is about to be pruned. I will reduce the length of the new shoots by half and that can be done again later on if it gets too much new growth. We still get good flowering and the shrub stays at about 8 feet tall.

There are dwarf forms which are as highly scented as any. We have Manteau D'Hermine and that is lower growing and highly scented. We also have some other unnamed ones which are so far staying at less than 4 feet tall. All of them are well scented. Sorry NC.

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