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Hi, is it safe to planet salad leaves, veg, raspberry canes where lillies have been planted? Thank you



Hi Lindy, Do you mean will it affect the lillies if they are left planted there?  If so, the only problem you might see is that the fruit and veg would be competing for nutrients and the lillies may not grow as well as they did when they were growing on their own. 

Thanks Bob I was more worried that lilies could affect the veg etc and make them indelible as the children have planted them. thank you again 


No - nothing to worry about - they'll be perfectly edible. 

Hi, Lindy, 

Some common garden plants can be seriously harmful if ingested.

I googled Lilies which are among this group. If you have small children who play in your garden, you may want to avoid any toxic plants like this until the children reach the age when they will not try to taste everything they see or put fingers in mouths after touching stuff.

Having said that if lillies have been removed from the veg planting area and are no longer grown there it shouldn't be a problem. It's always wise to wash your veg before cooking. I put mine in a basin with a bit of salt in to kill any pests.


Safe Planting?   For money tree?

Ok,'s late.  I've got an excuse

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