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Archie check my earlier post about Woodentops. I challenge you to a Woodentops quiz   


any one remember HOW

star gaze lily

Yes wagon wheels were bigger round and also thicker.

 I remember how

DavidCassidy was cute, but I saw him on something earlier this year, bit bloated and not so cute!!


Lily he was born on 12th April 1950 in the Flower First hospital...etc...etc..etc... I must Deffo get a life.... Last time I saw him I just wished he's sit up straight and not lol about like he did when he was 20. LOL ....I'm OLD...but a  lot younger than DC.



Archiepem, yes I remember HOW - just!

Highland Jeannie

I really liked Out of Town with Jack Hargreaves - such a gentle programme; an old man imparting wisdom. You almost felt as if you were sitting opposite & listening to your grandad. Even the bits about fishing were interesting; purely because he knew how to make a subject come alive. And what a shed he had!!

At the end he sat in the cart & the horse pulled them slowly away.

They'd never make it now - not manic enough & no shouting!!

Earlier in the year in a garden centre (where else?) I found some dvds of the programme - I haven't watched them yet - I'm almost afraid that they won't be as good as I remember.

Hiya Tea....lovely to hear from you 

Why should the girls have all the fun?  What about Joanna lumley in the Avengers?  

star gaze lily

Evening Tea! Lovely to hear from you, hope all ok best wishes to you and your family xx

Pottie Pam

This thread brings back so many memories.

My first dog was called 'Yeller'. He was a cross lab and so like the dog in the film. Ijust looked the film up on YouTube and will watch it again when I've got a big supplies of tissues ready.



Tea, you met David Cassidy

Verdun, I wanted to be Emma Peel..with her "kinky"( as we used to call them ) white boots. Not a tele programme but how about Julie Driscoll..Wheels on Fire song. My H doesn't need much reminding to drool about memories of her.

What about Blake's Seven..did you chaps like Servilan ( dodgy spelling) ? I liked Avon, always doing mean and nasty things. I've seen some re-runs, just love the cardboard scenery.

BUT the best had to be Star Trek. I moved on and The Next Generation is still one fo my favorites, I have the full boxed sets. I won't start talking about the episode with Patrick Stewart in his open at the front silk shirt and jodhpurs, and oh that voice. 


Kef, I loved star trek (still do) but only with James T Kirk.and all those planets made polystyrene boulders.

Sara.  Yep Diana Rig too.  Thought of her when I posted.  Agree with Pottie...this thread brings back so many memories.  Full respect to the originator of this thread 


Ah yes!  ... The Avengers...   Emma Peel in black leather ...  If only we were all in our twenties again... 

Down Boy!!! 

Whoops! Er... 

Where am I? 

Just testing the smilies! 



Control yourself Birdy ..........

The Man From Uncle.....


That was successful Birdy, smilies working well!


The Clangers are coming back!  yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Oh Don't know if Tea will get this one - Take care & keep safe Daffy G


I love Patrick Stewart too  mmmmmmm .........

I liked the Clangers too. Hope they don't mess it up 

Avon was my fav in Blakes 7 too. . . and what about The Adventure Game? Anyone remember that?