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KEF, not bad.  Not just hint of grey tho.  Prob not far off I guess.  But men are younger than women so if I am older than you I'm not really cos I just explained why 

Fairy, fairy fairy!  Such a lack of respect for your betters.  Still get the odd run in when I take my dog tho.  Can't beat my 19 year old niece at air hockey at amusement arcade and, boy, do I try hard to.    Mind ??ou no one beats her at anything. People say Ive never grown up......oh, do grow up, they say respectfully 

Busy.....I remember the summer of 1903 ....wot a scorcher.  

So, the clues are there ladies 

Now, fairy........well. She rides a broomstick but a very modern one.  Turbo charged. Metallic blue cos it's made of lightweight aluminium but still has her L l plates.   She pretends she's building a garden but really she sits on a deckchair waving her wand in one hand and a can of rough cider in the ofher and swearing like a trooper when she forgets her spells. Oh!  She's greatly overweight as can be seen by the curve of that broomstick and..........oops! I'll get my coat now I think 


Sara 4

I swear I distinctly heard the swish of a magic wand, and then Verdun said Gribbitt ....

star gaze lily

LOL Kef what have you started! I double dare you now!!!!!

As i said before Verdun, men stay little boys, no matter their age

Yes but don't tell it was Brum wot said it. It was his idea to say those things. I didnt know wot I was sayin.  And....does she really have magic power?...oops!

star gaze lily

Are you brave enough to chance it he he. 

AndVerdun are you saying that you have a split personality,  or that you and Brumbull are one of the same , curiouser and curiouser 



Be very afraid Verdun,its Halloween soon,you should not have mentioned the "curve of that broomstick".

Probably a cauldron being stirred right at this moment......eye of newt....wing of bat 

Lily.  Bit concerned that fairy exacts a revenge..   

I can assure ??ou Brumbull and I are 2 separate distinct individuals so no split personality.    

Gilly.....I know.  It is a point of concern. Mind you, eye of newt is tasty.  You do know it's a traditional Cornish breakfast........funnily enough bat wings too.  And Cornwall is riddled with tales of mystery and legend    The most haunted places are in cormwall.  


The Ping Wings

Hi Sara 4

Thank you so much for mentioning this programme - I thought I had imagined it.

I was out with a group of friends a couple of years ago and we got to chatting about our favourite kids programmes. We are all in our late 50's/early 60's. We all remembered Twizzle, Sparky and Noggin the Nog, But I was the only one that remembered the Ping Wings - unfortunately I had remembered it as "The Penguins" and despite Googling the name and searching lists of old childrens progammes I could find no trace of it.

So I was delighted to come across your post today and discover I had got the name wrong. I have just spent a happy 5 mins on Youtube watching an old clip and remembering how much I loved it. I also remembered that the theme tune used to make me sad (I was only 6).

Thanks again



Noggin the Nog - happy days Tamarix! Watched Noggin and the Ice Dragon as a child. Just beautiful, and Oliver Postagte's voice ....Bought a Noggin book for my daughter when she was little and she loved it. 


I've just read your posts VERY afraid....

And the broomstick's soft, sagey green - don't care for blue. It's getting serviced right now, but when it's ready.... 


Morph the little character made by Tony Hart.

I think I remember Twizzle too,was that the character whose arms "twizzled" out to a huge length ?

Bewitched,I loved Samantha,anything like you Fairygirl?


Oh no Gilly- nothing like me at all....

I'm more like the mother.....


I don,t believe it are only 28 after all

star gaze lily

Lol fairy, thats not what I had in my head at all!

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I mentioned morph GillyL, didn't think anyone remembered him Yes Bewitched i had forgotten that! 

What about the shop chelsea girl , or Lady at Lord John,  Biba, 5th Avenue


Oh heck......fairy's read my post.   I've already pleaded ignorance on hello FORKERS. 



I am joking - I really look like Sophia Loren....

You've been rumbled Verdi 

Biba - my sister had loads of Biba stuff lily. If she'd kept them she could have sold them for big bucks on ebay.  I'm surprised she hasn't kept them - she's kept just about everything else she's ever owned!! 

Remember my first gardening programe THE FLOWERPOT MEN WITH LITTLE WEED AS CONSULTANT !!!! Followed with MANURE SUPPLIED BY ???????? black and white horse ?


Jim specially for Tea & Lew.

star gaze lily

Fairy i thought you were blond.


Oops sorry Kef