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Morph the little character made by Tony Hart.

I think I remember Twizzle too,was that the character whose arms "twizzled" out to a huge length ?

Bewitched,I loved Samantha,anything like you Fairygirl?


Oh no Gilly- nothing like me at all....

I'm more like the mother.....


I don,t believe it are only 28 after all

star gaze lily

Lol fairy, thats not what I had in my head at all!

star gaze lily


I mentioned morph GillyL, didn't think anyone remembered him Yes Bewitched i had forgotten that! 

What about the shop chelsea girl , or Lady at Lord John,  Biba, 5th Avenue


Oh heck......fairy's read my post.   I've already pleaded ignorance on hello FORKERS. 



I am joking - I really look like Sophia Loren....

You've been rumbled Verdi 

Biba - my sister had loads of Biba stuff lily. If she'd kept them she could have sold them for big bucks on ebay.  I'm surprised she hasn't kept them - she's kept just about everything else she's ever owned!! 

Remember my first gardening programe THE FLOWERPOT MEN WITH LITTLE WEED AS CONSULTANT !!!! Followed with MANURE SUPPLIED BY ???????? black and white horse ?


Jim specially for Tea & Lew.

star gaze lily

Fairy i thought you were blond.


Oops sorry Kef

Anyone remember the song captain beaky and his band by Keith Mitchell?  Favourite of mine that I got played on local radio for my young nephew's birthday.    It came on the radio as I was driving him and his mates to an amusement park and we all sang along at the tops of our the biggest kid of all   Lovely!

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Yes me too. About bats, rats, owls etc great fun. Paul Nicholas also sang one from cats I think,  called  Mr Mastopherlees (ha ha ha spelling??!!)

Wouldn't it be great for ??ou guys if I could post me singing cap'n beaky on the forum.  Wot a treat for all of you 

star gaze lily

Err, possibly Verdun,  will it be tuneful,  or will I need to turn the volume down he he he 


Seriously lily?  Yes you will need to turn the volume down.  My singing is AWFUL.  I am loud. 


Don't encourage him lily!! I'm told his voice could strip paint...

Placido he ain't 

Sara, I remember someone talking about Ping Wings to me but I've never seen it. Think it was my ex husband but he's younger than me so not sure. 

Used to love MagicRoundabout and Jackanory, but they promised they'd tell every story ever written on it...and they didn't. I want my licence fee back...


Hi Verdun, sorry I,ve just been catching up on this thread, it was the Ying Tong song!

We named our siamese cat after it!! 

Anyone remember the Shadocks, it was a bizarre French cartoon of creatures on other planets??!!!

Oh, you mean after all these years I had the words wrong ginagibbs?  Now you say it I realise it.   Silleeeee me!    Must start singing it correctly now 


Captain Pugwash,and various other characters with dodgy names.

Mork and Mindy,the Waltons

and the frog chorus song perhaps scope there for some additional singers.....