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Dear John (sorry I mean James but that doesn't fit)
You are clueless, by name and by nature, you haven't got the foggiest how this thread is messing with my head. I know I have to take responsibility for my own actions but to be honest if you see it from my point of view the buck/book (?) lies with you, in the nicest possible way. I hope you can see the error of your ways. Lets get back to normal and forgive and forget, move on and see that the grass is always greener on the other side. Enoughs enough.
star gaze lily

Oh Mrsgarden,  you are an early bird, but thats the won who catches the worm  (oh dear have we had that one too)  i'm sure we are going round in circles.Don't

n let it boggle your brain Mrsgarden,  i'm still having fun, please keep me company side by side so to speek


And while I think of it, waste not want not


MrsG, think this thread has got under your skin.

Referring to a nice plump chap...You don't get bay windows in s*** houses ( toilets)

Ne'er a lender nor a borrower be. 

star gaze lily

Well i'll be blowed and i'll be jiggerd, the mind boggles, I think i've come to the end of my tether, ive got writers block.



O'Dear Mr G you have it bad but it's on the tip of my tongue what it's call but when push comes to shove you can let it go however please don't count your chickens before they hatch and I do think you will be back I shall leave a candle in the window for you so you can find your way home on a dark and lonely night just turn on the light and the foot of our stairs



Feed a cold starve a fever.

A few germs never hurt anyone.


Last one not true.,OH and I both have bad colds........


Get well soon Gilly & OH.  Your post reminded me of another one.

We all eat a ton of muck before we die.


 Thanks KEF

Muck does,nt sound too appetising,however the cough mixture we have is pretty disgusting....


Something my nan said a few times,

Your son's your son untill he take's a wife, but your daughter is a daughter for life.

Got a couple wrong ....

Up a daisy, down a buttercup ( not the other way round)

An honest days work (rather than a good....)

Thats the middle and both ends of it.


Nothing goes to waste when you keep a pig!  MIL said that when my H lived at her house.

star gaze lily

Alls fair in love and war  (i'm sure i'm repeating myself lol)


 comes to he who waits


Don't ask don't  get



star gaze lily

Everything keeps jumping about, and my spell check keeps disappearing



Same here Lily & haven't had spell check for weeks.

As you said,

Everything comes to he who waits.


We've all got to start somewhere.


Charlie, Lyn Anderson "RoseGarden".  Crickey you must be about my age.

From Gran  Don't tell anyone anything you wouldn't shout from the Town Hall steps.

My Grandma yet again. If you've got a good un blind him in one eye if not, blind him in both.  Don't think she actually meant it.  Well Grandad had two eyes.


star gaze lily

Kef, you've just made me chuckle

Not old enough to remember 'rose garden' 

SWALK   sealed with a loving kiss

Theres one about--till the dessert sands freeze?

We can keep this going a bit longer 


we can keep going 'til hell freezes over' or 'pigs  fly' or 'there's a blue moon'  or' you come to the end of you tether' or 'the fay lady sings!'