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" If at first you don't succeed, cheat!  " Courtesy of Charlie Williams who came to our school to give us a talk. Headmistress nearly fell over.  When Cliff Richard came she introduced him as Clifford Richard..not even Harry..

Met Charlie years later. He told me I looked like Veronica Lake, I'd no idea who she was. Older collegue said she was old movie star who had hair draped over one eye because she only had one!  Always kept my fringe in order after that.

star gaze lily

Well i'm back to square one,

Sorry dove still can't get PMs,  just a blank page. But now its worse I can't send them either  


Molly coddled

Every drop counts

Pushing the boundaries (wonder who taught me that one!?)

Little darling

What are you looking at? I dont know, the labels fallen off


star gaze lily

'Labels fallen off'  remember that one !

Falls on deaf ears.

Easy as pie.

A shot in the dark.


Giddy Aunt.


Hard as nails

Soft as. ... errr... fudge

Big as a brick outhouse

Keep your hair on,

I'd better be sloping off now

Sorry is the hardest word


star gaze lily

A sorry sight.

A bolt from the blue.

Wide eyed and legless.  

Rough diamond.

Diamond geezer


Sounds like you've got stars in your eyes, lily! Me? Ijust need to rub the sleep out of mine.

star gaze lily wrote (see)

Well i'm back to square one,

Sorry dove still can't get PMs,  just a blank page. But now its worse I can't send them either  

I've sent them a message for you 

Chinese whispers!!!!


Hope thats not staceys takeaway repeating itself dove.

Highland Jeannie

As a child whilst clumsily trying to do something, my Mum would say "You're like a cow with a musket"

My Yorkshire boss of many years ago "Run a country? I wouldn't trust him to run a dog up the road"

Sue Higham

Red sky at night - shepherds' delight

Red sky at morn - shepherds hut's on fire

Keyser Soze

Red sky in morning, global warming!

My Mam used to say "Don't swallow your chewing gum as it will stick on your lungs!"



If you were caught with your finger up your nose my Gran would say that your face would fall in.

If you pulled a funny face, especially a grumpy one, my mum would say ' your face will stick like that'
star gaze lily

A skeleton in the closet.

Lets go round again.

Around and around in circles.   I


A face without freckles is like the night sky without stars