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Bobfoc - body of baywatch, face of crimewatch aka a bulldog chewing a wasp

mad as a box of frogs 



You reap what you sow

Does 'Face like a slapped ar*e count' ? :P


star gaze lily

Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves

John Harding

Guy I used to work with used to say "Silly as a box of matches" - I never did get the sense of that

The potty gardener

Why is it that I remember most when I read them but can't think of them for myself-

Back in the day when we could we used to send a child to another teacher and ask for .........a long stand or a long wait...............then the person  would see just how long they waited.

 Mind you I also used to make children stand  just outside my firedoor.It led to a narrow passage so they basically stood just against a wall. They couldn't see anyone or be seen.One very annoying girl changed her ways when I made her stand out there for only about 5 mins, though it seemed much longer in the snow. Things have changed a lot in the past 30 odd years

star gaze lily

During today I remembered some other sayings, but they have gone completely out of my head  Potty

What's the one ' a pig in a poke' or something like that? ??? And what's it all about???
we must have had ' taking home the bacon'

What's for tea?   3 skips to the pantry door and back.


Put wood in hole...........for shut the door.


Pottie Pam

My grandad on seeing someone in shorts said, ' It's amazing the things that trousers hide'. Not really an every quote but we thought it was funny.

You'll be wearing that smile on the other side of your face ...

Buy cheap, buy twice. Fact!

flowering rose

A bird in the  hand is worth two in  a bush,not sure what that is about.