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Are slug pellets safe to put around your strawberry plants?, do they affect your fruit? 

Steve 309

They won't affect the fruit, but the ordinary metaldehyde ones will kill things other than slugs and snails: birds that eat them, cats and dogs etc.  The safer ones contain ferric phosphate and are reckoned to be safer - they're allowed, I think, for organc growing.

I would not put pellets anywhere near fruit or veg.  No point growing your own safe food if you do this.  Used sparingly and well away so no poison seeps into your crops 


Thanks everyone lots of good advice 


Orchid Lady

I was looking at those last week David, they seem to have mixed reviews so didn't get any, although I think someone mentioned them on another thread the other day.  


I've been using the slug gone/sheeps wool pellets - they seem to work on hostas and clematis - but they don't go very far


I'm using the sheep's wool pellets around potted lilies - it seems to have stopped the damage. 

Orchid Lady

I'll admit to using some slug pellets on the veg patch last night, a very rare last resort as new plants just planted and I forgot to do my egg shells/slug pubs and only remembered at almost midnight last night so had to take drastic measures......they will be going today and slug pubs installed....I know I'm very naughty 


Ha ha I like the phrase "slug pub" it tickles me 

Orchid Lady

Slug pubs now in place, let's just hoe they work, I only got cheap lager and it's not very strong so may have to get some more.

I don't seem to have many slugs this year though (touch wood) and have spotted 3 or 4 froglets or toadlets (I never could tell the difference) in the garden at night, so I think they may be helping me 


Of course they are, I have a Jack Russell and a friendly cat alive and well, also a female hedgehog lives under the shed, though no young so far this year!

Along my back fence which is covered in ivy, the robin reared a nest this year again and the blackbirds have started building a third nest for their next brood, a pair of dunnocks and a pair of wrens also have nests but I cannot find them, if pellets were that bad they would all be dead!

As we also feed the birds, we are visited by loads of sparrows, goldies,blue and long tailed tits, a crow, sparrows and wood pigeons, the only ones the dog chases!

Unfortunately also a sparrow hawk, but the cat never bothers either with the birds or the nests, even when the young blackbirds are making a racket!




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