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Cake.  Think Dove should have cake as spam monitor

I used to get extra milk for being dustbin monitor at primary school 


Cake  Thank you Verdun 

Think it's all going to my head - went upstairs to pack my bag as we're going to MIL's this evening - just put some blusher and a bit of lippy on - how do I look? 


Grand Dove

Funny you should say about your headmistress.  Mine wrote on my report that I would have difficulty finding a job, unless it involved talking of course.  Never went back to prove her wrong.


TT - I left as soon as I could - some of the teachers at my grammar school were lovely, but the Head was mean-spirited and unkind, without a spark of imagination.  I was miserable from the day I first crossed the threshold - the reason I was unlikely then to fulfil my not inconsiderable potential was all her fault.  I went back into education later on and have achieved a lot (although not as much as if I'd started when I should have) and now I have a badge   

Gardening Grandma

I was miserable too, Dove. I was shamed and humiliated at grammar school, not sure why, but whatever the reason I found the atmosphere bullying. I wasn't a well-brought up middle class child, I guess. I assumed it was my fault, miserably stuck it out (with minimal academic effort) and managed to get to uni. Then I went back to teach in the same school. Glutton for punishment, that's me. When I crossed the threshhold into the sacred inner sanctum of the staff room, I was overawed. Senior teachers sat by the fire, mid-range teachers sat at the table and compete nobodies sat under the window. Guess where I sat!



Having passed my 12+ exam, I agreed to go to technical school on the condition I could leave when I was 16.  Hated school from the minute I entered at 5.  Certainly weren't the best years of my life.  Many of my earlier teachers had no vocation to do so, had little training and it showed.  The ruler was their authority.  Nasty people.  Never did very well and was always second to bottom in the class of 36.  Can you imagine that being allowed these days.  Anyway, left school at 16, had a couple of boring secretarial jobs and eventually found the legal profession.  I had found my niche.  Should have gone back and told the old bat how well I had done, but she wouldn't remember me. 

Feel sorry for my 10 year old granddaughter who hates school, although she does well.  Gets terribly upset when holidays finish and she has to return.  She will have to stay now until she's 18 which is something I do not agree with.  Just my opinion and I know not shared by many.

This thread has gone a bit off topic don't you think. Never mind.



There were girls crying on the last day of the last term. I couldn't believe it. I thought everyone hated school. I got on my bike and pedalled away as fast as I could.



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