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I disturbed two large Stag beetle larvae in the rotting trunk of an old Buddleia today. I carefully put back the piece of wood I had removed but should I do anything else? Will they be alright?  Is there anyone I should inform as I know they are an endangered species now.


We find them in our woodpile if logs are rotting in there. We try and put them back as they were but in a safer place. I don't think there's anything else you need to do though a local wildlife organisation might be interested to know about them


I have never seen a real live one. You lucky people.



  I found one in this garden when we moved here - I was so excited - replaced it carefully with it's rotting wood. 

Secret Squirrel

I never realised they were rare in the UK, I use to see them all the time in France. Mine, that was a few years ago now.


I live in France and I see them regularly in summer.

Secret Squirrel

Hi Lizzie, glad to see Stag Beetles are still seen in France. I used to go birdwatching quite often at a place called 'Le Brenne' in Southern France.

First time I came across one, took me by surprise, then I started to get use to them. Could never manage to pick one up though.

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