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I reckon Toby Buckland has had a raw deal in being dumped for bringing back Monty Don. Toby is a good and decent guy with a lot of sensitivity and knowledge about plants. He has learnt and improved a lot since he first came to Gardeners World and should have been given a longer spell in the job ( much as I like Monty ). There have been far too many GARDENING SNOBS out there calling for Monty to be re-instated. Each presenter brings something different. Let's have some support for Tony !!!
PLEASE stop harping on about Monty/Toby/Alys. This is NOT a blog about the GW television programme. If you want to keen and bleat then do so here:
I love the wish list, but what on earth were you doing writing it at 6.25 am on New Year's Day. It sounds as if you need to get out more! In answer to anonymous, comment 12, have a look at 'Biofume Greenhouse Candles' on the 'Green Gardener' website:


Wonderful wish list. Laughter, learning and fun filled gardening for 2011. Too many gardening quarrels though. All of our presenters bring something important to the party. Its just simply that the party is neither big enough or often enough. More gardening progs and less tosh for 2011 please BBC!
are Smoke Cones are still legal for Fumigation? Pls advice wayne
Well said Chris Barnes! Personally I've learned lots from all the presenters and feel that the Beeb is missing out on great opportunities for some popular programmes. There are thousands of gardeners out there hungry for advice and inspiration. Come on BBC, use some more of the talented presenters/gardeners and give us more horticultural fixes!
EUPHORIC to see/hear that after two years in the Wilderness the Beeb has finally realised that we want REAL gardening, not gardening for babies. Hurray! Three cheers for Monty Don!!!
I agree with Minty and Cris we need more gardening programmes there is room for all our favourite people. Carol now has her own series and hope it will continue. Are the producers listening at last and realising we all have different ideas just as you wouldnt have one soap opera or one drama programme one gardening programme doesnt do it.
I too love the wish list but would like to add: May herds of hedgehogs eat your slugs and snails. I like ALL the presenters but would like there to be less "arty" camera shots.
I am really disappointed that Toby Buckland has been dropped from Gardeners World - I liked his down to earth approach and am not sure I can watch Gardeners World again now. Glad Monty's better , but not happy he's replacing Toby, having spoken to lots of other gardeners I find they agree that Toby will be a great loss to the Gardeners World programme
I can't believe they are getting rid of toby & Alys, it was so interesting with them, not sure if I will be watching old boring Monty.
Bring back TOby and Alys. My wish is that the BBC will give us a programme with them as an alternative as I will be giving GW up. I do not wish to die of boredom watching Monty.


Please bring back Toby and Alys. Viewing with Monty will not be an option for me as I think he is not so good and very soppy.
I for one am SO grateful that Greenacres prog is to change. I stopped watching, except when Alys and Joe were on and away from the site. I much prefer the old team of Monty, Carol, Alys, Joe and Sarah Raven. The BBC should have left the programme in Carol Kleins hands when Monty was sick. Carols programme, at home, proves it is such a joy to watch a presenter in their own garden and you learn so much.
I really enjoyed the programme with Toby and Alys.They had so much enthusiasm and knowledge combined with good communication skills which made the program lively and interesting.Carol is often over the top although her enthusiasm is infectious. Monty, nice man,but so ponderous.I don't think I shall be watching again.
complete madness!! Toby Buckland is the most relaxed and natural gardening presenter since dear old Geoff Hamilton. I will not watch monty don!!
I have to say that GW has been consistently good since I began an interest in gardening almost 20 years ago. I will also say that having been a huge fan of Geoff Hamilton, it was wonderful to have Monty presenting the programme after the likes of Alan Titchmarch, who was enormously irritating. I only ever saw Toby Buckland as a very dull standby, brought in due to Monty's illness and longed for his return. WELCOME BACK MONTY!!