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Talkback: A new allotment

Hi Kate well done iv had an allotment for nine years its a place where I go to loose myself and find myself at the same time its real spirit...

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Hi Kate well done iv had an allotment for nine years its a place where I go to loose myself and find myself at the same time its real spiritual
Slightly connected to this, so apologies in advance.
I am trying to encourage the allotment tenants to cater for wildlife. I am not an expert so I googled wildlife audit and came across your blog from 2011. I thought I'd use your wildlife audit that was mentioned in the blog from Nov 2011 GW magazine, which I don't have. How can I get hold of a copy of the audit questionnaire please? I think it would be a good start and we can build in more detail later, as we build up the basics first.
Oh, I am so happy for you, Kate. A heated propagator will get your veg plants started off and ready for your new plotThe el nino effect may just bring us a hot summer. I do hope you are near the water supply. In no time at all you will have your very own robin perching on your fork and slow worms in your compost bin.
Kate Bradbury
Thanks for your messsages. I'm so excited. Thanks Happymarion I am very near a water source but I don't yet have a watering can on site! The heated propagator was fired up about three weeks ago...

greenbeanpickle Look out for a direct message regarding your query.


Looks like you've made a good start too.

I got a new allotment at the beginning of February. Been down each weekend. It's surprising what can be done in a few hours.

Happy growing


Kate..........I'm sure you will get loads of pleasure from your allotment.  Even tho I've been gardening for 30 years or more, I too just started on my new allotment this week.

The more growing space, the better

12 months really is a short space of time isn't it but as you say it's better than nothing and beggars can't be choosers!

You should be counting your lucky stars you don't have perennial weeds, I'm completely plagued by them on the derelict plot I was given.

Don't both doing any digging, you won't reap the benefits of it in years to come, just borrow/rent a rotatovator.

I'd just buy some fish blood and bone from the cheap discount stores and sprinkle that on the length of the plot and hoe in and then get planting.
Congratulations Kate I'm sure just like me you will spend Meany a happy time on your allotment .This is my 5 year I grow every thing fruit veg an flowers .4 weeks a go I put up a robins nest box that my husband had made for me an to my surprise to day I have a robin nesting in it I'm so thrilled .I have other nest boxes two which are all occupied I all so have a pond its a right little wild life Avon

I would be careful using a rotovator if the patch is covered in perrenial weeds, it will just chop up the roots into multiple bits and you will have more weeds than when you started.

Just do a small patch at a time and try and get out as much weed as you can, if its perrenial weed, either burn it or bag it and take it to the waste recycle centre.

Steve 309

I agree with scroggin.

Someone else was asking the same q the other day.  We agreed that the best thing to do was tackle a small area at a time, remove all perennial weeds by hand and hoe, hoe, hoe. Then plant spuds.  Cover the rest with old carpet/thick cardboard/thick black polythene till you're ready to give it similar treatment.

hi kate great news take it easy try to sort out allotment in stages potatoes will help to brake ground up best of luck
Fab and congrats on your allotment allocation, we too have just taken on an allotment , 5 min walk away despite having a 200 ft garden , my friend and I wanted one, we have already attended the local horticultural society talk on growing veg and will be taking the rotivator down today, we have inherited some Autumn raspberry canes and a water butt. I have been offered some Jerusalem artichokes too and we hope to take our preschoolers down to help out.
Steve 309

So - how's it going Kate?

Well done Kate, Im glad another person has managed to get an allotment. I'm so lucky where we are - no waiting list and vacant plots so was able to get one straight away, that was 4 years ago and I love it! I hope you love it as much as I love mine.

Hello Kate, I read your blog with interest as I have taken on a partly established allotment whilst neighbours are abroad.

It's been going for a year with reasonably worked soil so peas, beans potatoes, sweet corn grow well. Soft fruit, green house and a shed. All completely new to me - love it!

I have a free hand with an extended half plot which I'm clearing at the moment, it's on clay with thin top soil. Hard work especially with this wet weather again. As it's in a good open part thereof plan is to get marrows going. Needless to say I'm reading every blog and advice from all threads.

Happy days 


Hi guys. I run a regular gardening blog where you can pick up plenty of tips and ideas. I exhibit at shows but everything I grow gets eaten! Take a look and hopefully enjoy!

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