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i will have had my allotment three years in november and it was full of broken glass and nettles 6 foot tall,with wire and household waste all over. after a lot of hard work and time i can relax a bit and enjoy the rest of it. my tip would be little and often,dig four or five rows then find something else to do and it will be done in no time without the broken back
i have been on my allotment now three years now i have one side as an flower garden and a pond the other side as an veg garden i think for my time that i have been hear at my allotment i have done well but the only thing i dont like is that the other plot oners dont cume to the allotment fore about a month at a time it dose not have the same rules as other allotment in the area it is run by the council but they let four girls run it which has a container to put all the tools in it a club house apollytunel wich is thirty foot long and no body gose in it water taps i have my owen green houses and cold frams on my plot the only thing i grow in the polly is a grap vine and thats the only thing in it that grows well i wish ther was another gardener in the area that wood start ther so you shair ideas have a chinwag but i am like billy no mates the council shuld put allotment rules to it becouse it could be the best thing fore northwood kirkby liverpool i dont blame the girls i blame the council knowsly council for it i get sume boddy all the time can i have an allotment and i feel sad saying no becouse the girls say no and they dont do ther owen plots that is a shame and i blame the council for it.
We've had our allotment for 2 years now and while it's been hard work we've thoroughly enjoyed it. Our reward of organic produce and better health was superceded yesterday - we recieved a letter to say we've been awarded a trophy for the best plot! A real surprise because we're always so envious of the other seemingly more organised plots. Will we renew or tenancy? Definitely!

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