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Talkback: An early spring?

I hope it stops raining soon a large hole has appeared next to my soak away,looks like a cove down there,I saw a white tailed bumblebee this...

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I hope it stops raining soon a large hole has appeared next to my soak away,looks like a cove down there,I saw a white tailed bumblebee this week, not sure if it was a Queen,

Hi Kate it is a funny old situation with the weather and I can report a bumblebee and a 7-spot ladybird sighting in my garden last Saturday also!

Unfortunately I'm not privileged with much in the way of flowers like you are at the moment but I think that is down to being on low grazing marsh which is pretty saturated at the moment and probably keeping plant's roots cold at this time of year.

My fish in my Koi pond are still actively seeking food when I walk out on the decking but the wildlife ponds are quiet now.

Bird wise it's been busy but not as busy as this time last year and I have also been awoken by my resident Robin on quite a few occasions recently! On the day that I did my early bird survey for the BTO he was singing an hour before daylight!! I don't mind though!...



Ah, Kate. I have double daisies thinking it is summer and two fresh blackbird eggshells below my ivy thicket where the nests are last week. I have brought ten pots of bulbs into the conservatory as they are so advanced. I feel like I am doing a constant Chelsea. But the garden looks lovely when the sun does daign to shine. The winter flowering heather is a real draw for bumblebees in my front garden. It must have been a great loss to the bee population when heathers went out of fashion.
I have just finished back filling my cave that appeared under the path,it took over half a cubic metre of material to fill the hole the rain water washed away.lets hope the weather will brighten up soon to go with the extra warmth we are having this winter.

The plants will get a shock when the weather turns cold in a few weeks. 4 inch do snow is on the way!




Mrs MacGregor
Have seen Petasites in flower and new leaf on the railway embankment as well as Hazel catkins.
Mrs MacGregor
Oh and my annual Lobelias have sown themselves everywhere, seedlings thriving and with the 'mother plants' still lingering.
Yes it is still January here in Cheshire - I have seen Marigolds (the summer Old Fashioned ones)along with periwinkle in a garden near me - looks like a little bit of summer that has got lost!Very little frost here as yet but looks like next week will change all that! My bird visitors seem a little bit less than usual- perhaps they have found somewhere a bit warmer for another week or two!

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