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I also planted Morning Glory ( heavenly blue) on an east facing wall in june and have had an array of flowers each morning, which died off by early afternoon. But i now have also got the same problem of tatty, naked foliage, yellow, withering leaves, but grateful that my flowers are lasting until teatime. I may try planting one in a different position in spring.
you'll regeret it next summer! I have spent all spring and summer pulling out morning glory seedlings from the beds after last years diaplay. They are truly prolific self seeders. Cobaea being more tender, much less so.
To get the best of both worlds, why not sow some earlies and some lates. Then you can pull out the early tatty ones and still have lush late plants.
When we lived in the eastern US, this was a standard that we sorely miss now that we are living in the Arizona desert. Vining morning glories are prohibited in Arizona. There are only a few bush-types allowed, but they are not as dramatic. Thanks for the post.
I was stunned to find last year's morning glory "Grandpa Otts" had self-seeded this year...the best one of all popped up a month ago in a deep, rich bit of compost around a new passion flower I'd planted, in a south facing position but lightly shaded by a picket fence. I've never seen one so happy. Some of the leaves are as big as two of my hands, and it's just about to flower. Anyone else have this experience of self seeding? I usually do a cleanup but had left a lot of the seed heads in place last year.


I grew a blue Morning Glory for the first time this year, and for the same reason: a gap left where I had 'renovated' a cotoneaster, which resented it and died. What a beatutiful plant! Don't know if it will self-seed, but I'd love to grow it again.
Love that blue on the bricks, great combo. Saw a huge Cobea growing on a trellis at Helen Yemm's last year, fab plant, for fast wall cover. I have seed, but havent tried it yet.

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