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Hi Adam, my back garden is north facing and on the western side I have some ivy growing on a fence panel my question to you is why does it n...

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Hi Adam
The bergenias in two places in the garden have a lot of dead areas on their leaves, but are managing to flower fairly well in spite of this. I have them in a sunny well-drained spot, what can I do for them?
Jess, Wexford, Ireland
Hi Adam

As there is a hose pipe ban starting 5th April in the South East I wondered if it does any harm to garden plants reusing water that has detergent (eg Fairy liquid or similar) that has been used for washing the dishes on the garden.

Just bought a Catalpa bignoides Aurea and have been told I can pollard it to keep it under control. If I do this will I still get flowers?


the catalpa will bloom after pollarding-because it is more tender than the species i wait until new growth is evident-however it will be very vulnerable to high winds-in the course of the summer about half of mine is normally blown out but still its splendid

Hi Adam, I sow my various seedlings and put them in the heated propagator to start, I also take them out as soon as 2 small green leaves show. I then keep them in my unheated conservatory but they then continue to grow and resemble cress rather than short stubby seedlings that you see in your magazine. Where am I going wrong.


Hi Adam, We are 'new' gardeners and thoroughly enjoying our attempts at growing from seed etc however we are having an 'overhaul' of our side garden which is south facing and open to the elements and we wish to have a few raised beds with some perennial flowers/wildflowers growing amongst and around the two raised beds, some that are preferably evergreen to give interest all year and some for summer colour.What do you suggest? Thank you so much....Lesley & Mark
In these days where rainwater is in short supply can anyone tell me if tap water put through a filter jug is a good alternative for blueberries, my water butt in the garden is dry and I am worried about my blueberry plant. It is in a pot of ericatious compost, on a warm patio and I live in Stafford in the midlands. Thanks Gillyflower
In the past I have always pruned my climbing roses in the autumn and this has been very successful. It now seems to be recommended that these are pruned in early spring. Can you please advise which is best?
My clematis is pot bound. What is the b est thing to do with it? I would like it to remain in a pot as my soil is clay and it would be impossible to dig a hole big enough for it to go into the ground. Presumably it cannot be split?
I'd like advice on which climbers would be successful in my front chalky gardens that have the sun in the mornings & are also exposed to wind.
I have a south facing back garden in Beds & am not having much success with my rhubarb of about 2 yrs old. What can I do to produce strong healthy plants---I usually get about 2/4 thin sticks--most disappointing.
I live in S Yorkshire and grow a Fremontodendron californicum against a west facing fence.The shrub is now c 12' high and has flowered for the last few years.
Is it necessary to prune it and,if so, when and how,please?

Hello Adam

I have just recently caught the gardening bug, after lots of research and reading over the winter it was time to put my new gained knowledge to good practical gardening use, but while at my local garden center looking for various growing mediums including peat  i discoverd i could not find any peat and that it was more or less being phased out of composts, i must have been reading old books and using old sites as most of them included peat in there advice, i know the reason why peat is being phased out, but what i dont know is a good alternative..



Hi Adam
We have a holiday home in South Wales i grow bananas(musa)and palms Pheonix ,Windmill and New Zealand Flax.Yucca's.I have very moist clay soil.What else can i plant please.

Elephant Ears
hi wen you sow Obedient Plant from seed do you cover it with compost or vimicyoulight or agrgit thans


Hi. I have just purchased 6 lost label roses. They are all barerooted. I have potted them all and they all seem quite healthy. Is there any way to tell what type these roses are before they flower. Many Thanks.
Can I grow rambling or climbing roses against an ivy-clad fence without removing the ivy?

To Ecobaby,

Sorry, filtering your water will not help as all that does is remove the particulate (bits), not change the pH of the water (its acidity or alkalinity)

Your Blueberries need Rainwater ideally, but of course you know that. More critical is that your Blueberries must not be kept short of  water. So compromise time, keep watering your Blueberries until you get some rainwater in your container, but you can acidify your compost by adding flowers of Sulphate at the dose on the packet. I'm in the South East with exactly the same problem. Good luck.

Hi i was wondering how long does it take for manure to become well rotted? Thanks
Hi Could I use some plant material from outdoor pond to put into my gold fish tank indoors? Thank you. from Backscratcher.