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Thank you happymarion [I always look forward to your commments] It was large and might have been dying as it clung to the side of the solid black gate - still moving but gradually moved down to the bottom of the gate. I think it must have eventually flown off as there was no sign of it when I last checked six hoours later
It must have been very beautiful against your black gate, Josephine but also very conspicuous and likely to have been picked up in its torpor by a bird. But it sounds like you saw a Large Emerald, you lucky person!
Ive got two large buddleias in my garden plus the two from Gardeneres world (growing on nicely) and I haven't seen any butterflies only the odd cabbage white. Years ago there were just so many of them. It makes me feel so sad when green and common areas are being cleared for building, which is something that is happening here in Bournemouth at the moment. I have had lots and lots of bees this year which has been a joy to see. happymarion, love your comments.
You lovely people are boosting my confidence no end with your compliments as I am busy putting finishing touches to a talk to the local WI tomorrow. I hope they too "love my comments"and my pictures. Thank you so much.
ive been pottering in my garden this morning and ive counted over 24 butterflies on my buddlelia tree and loads more flying here and there ...just lovely ... its the most i think ive ever had in my garden at one time, not sure of the names of them but i know red admirals [there were loads if them] have been trying to take a photo of luck so far. i had them green one [they are very large] your comment happymarion about them being near oak,that would i think explain why they are in my garden ,back onto woods with hundreds of the beasts growing there,they look lovely but are a real pain,however with them brings so much wildlife too. hope you are keeping well happymarion,are you gonna put your pictures on this blog?????? i really think you should.... also my snake bit is still very swollen and yet again there was another in my garden this week... actually could you tell me what purpose wasps have,as a girl at work has a very angry nest of them in her garden and has been stung quite a lot,she reckons they serve no purpose on this planet however i have said all things living have a purpose, i think they control the spider population . what do you think?


sarahs pondlife, wasps are an essential natural biocontrol of almost all insect pests of arable crops. We need them to grow enough food for life. They prey or parasitise the pest insects so keeping their numbers in check. Better done naturally than chemically.
For a practical guide on which plants to grow for butterflies, please look up my website:-
Hello everyone, just joined your site, and I am enjoying reading your remarks. I too have very few butterflies in my garden,but over the fields walking the dog I do see a few varieties, so I going to join the butterfly count.
The weather has been so bad for counting butterflies this last week, I hope we get some sun before the end of July. Kate
Kate We have had a lovely sunny morning and I have counted 4 large white butterflies and some little white ones. Plus I have been able to have a good look at my insects entrance. It looks like a large hole with a greyish entrance. Can these insects take over bumblebees nests? As I have noticed little bumblebees with brown bottoms coming out in other areas.
i have a good few bees [i think] that are quite large...the markings are a lovely true yellow with red strips ....are theses bees anyone? if so what type? they all look lovely and fluffy..
Kate have not mastered how to send photos. Will have to give it a go and will send you photos. Am new at this!!!
We had loads of butterflies last year. We live in a pretty rural area and have a lot of bees but have only seen one butterfly in the last few weeks, which is really quite sad. I did see quite a lot of very hairy caterpillars on a salt marsh months ago, not been back since. So I hope they are doing well.
I have planted gladioli for the first time in my garden this year, but they are about 14in hight BUT they have not flowerd yet! Has it been to wet or do they not always flower the first year??? They have been fed and waterd and to all instructions,and lots of sun. Help :-(


My poly tunnel is a breeding ground for red admirals at the moment we have about 4 gold pupae sacks and when you go into the poly tunnel there are about 10 red admiral butterflies flying around. Is this the norm?

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