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We have a small orchard and unfortunately this rot happens every year, especially the last two which have had a high humidity level all year round, especially when sun should have help fruit mature. I shall make extra sure that I leave nothing behind which could further damage next crop. Thanks for the tips you offer. They are very helpful. Chantalou
This is really useful, I too have this problem on our one plum tree. It looks gastly. I always take it off the tree and put it in the compost but I never knew that you had to destroy it. Thanks' so much.
This was my first year of growing fruit trees. They are bush type apple pear plum and cherry.I had no fruit at all, would this be normal for the first year? I also had leaf blotches and curled leaf which i sprayed with insectacide. A new area for meany tips please?
I have had a cherry tree for seven years and it has always produced fruit, last year i put a glue band round the trunk and noticed the string had dug into the trunk at the end of the season,i pruned the tree at the begining of the seasonand it produced fruit but the leaves fell off early.This year it has not produced any leaves and no buds and is looking like a tree in mid winter! thank you if you have any advice
Anybody know of a treatment for this as I tried last year and yet again this year the fruit are infected


I inherited an allotment with various fruit trees on it, including a victoria plum tree around 10 feet tall! When it started bearing fruit all was good, then one day noticed some fruits had started to go brown and became very unsightly, concerned, found out it was brown rot, so began the job of removing affected fruits and thinning to encourage healthy growth, but to no avail, upon visiting the allotment yesterday, realised that radical action had to be taken (Instinct kicked in) and I removed all the fruit even the unaffected ones, started pruning the tree as noticed some sort of infection on branches, as I am a new allotmenteer, please help, have weighed all the fruits that don't seem to be affected totalling 33 1/2 lbs and estimated have lost about 10 lbs with infection which I have now disposed of, will the remaining fruits be okay to eat or will I have to dispose of those aswell? Quite upset as a lot of hard work goes into the allotment and have two apple trees which are nearby, are they likely to catch the infection also? Any advice very welcome. Thank you

I think my Damson tree has brown rot but some of the fruit is not effected, can I still use this fruit to make Damson Brandy ?

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