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I havr found just one of these the other day will be on the look out now for them

Did you find a moth or a caterpillar Laura - it would be unusual to find just one caterpiller on it's own. 


But don't kill them please, the moths are beautifuland part of our natural world


brown-tail moth ate all my gooseberry leaves within one night. how to get rid of those pests, please
These caterpillars devastated my rhodedendron last year. It did flower this year and its leaves are just recovering. However I've just today seen new caterpilars (so far only 3-4mm long) all over it again. Any advice on what I can spray on it to get rid of them?


I have also found one of these on my Cytisus 'Lena' Plant. I live in the south west. I didnt see any more but i will certainly be checking the area from top to bottom just to make sure! I find it odd that it chose this plant as it is not particularly leafy. Right next to this i have a massive green and leafy Holly Hock which i would have thought would have been more appealing???

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