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Please can you help me the leaves on my camellia are turning yellow what do I need to do. Thank you,
I am new to Gardeners world website, & to gardening in general, we had our interest aroused by the Chelsea Flower show. We are in the process of talking to our sons school to get a sensory garden planted as he is autistic & there are several others too that can benefit from the garden. If you have any ideas to planting I would love to hear from you. I have thought of a few choices like Rosa hot chocolate & aqualegia canadensis ( i love the crown on top of the flower)
I have 3 peony plants in 3 different locations in my garden they are 3 years old and have never flowered, I read that if they are planted too deeply that this can cause them not to flower but they are not planted too deeply in my case. Can you tell me why they are not flowering please?
yes i do i have the same trubule as you i have asked lots of peple around my village but to no avail i dide hope some one would help me my wife loves it so i can not take it out please someone help???? my other problom is that i have over 20 mexicon orange blosum now one is tuining yellow and i would like to take it out but i do not know when or how so if enney one can help me it would make me and my wife verry happy thanks alot
iv had my camillas in the ground for the last 4 years i moved them into pots last october one of them is in full flower now but the other one has very small buds and there is black spot on the leaves and some of the leaves have turned brown and are very dry could you advise me what the problem could be and how to treat it as iv never had a problem with them thanks

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