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Yeah foxes, cats something should be done about them just like the rain that is always so wet, the sun that is too hot and snow that is just too white. I dodnt choose to live in monochrome wet cold and sun-burni world why should i put up with it. That breathing lark is very annoying too i am going to put an end to that now.....
I was going to say that this is not the solution to keeping the cats off my little plot {raised bed}.Not much to add after seeing all the comments
Cats should NOT be allowed to roam freely, they are not a natural predator and should be redefined as pest. They cause damage to property, spread disease and attack the indigenous wildlife. If you have a cat, keep it indoors or within your own property. If you can't do that, then don't have a cat. Simple.
I'm not a cat lover and as I see it, they are the pet that gets inflicted on you by your neighbours. Some states in Australia insist on confined cats and my friend in the states has coyotes that would eat hers. People there still keep and love their cats. So far, I've not lived next door to a neighbour who moved in with a dozen foxes (unlike cats!) and as a wildlife gardener you're fighting a battle with devastating densities of non-native predators who hunt with full a stomach in your much-more-interesting garden
If you want to get the cats/ foxes out of your garden or off your flowers, I use a two prong attack...pepper dust (readily available from any garden shop) and a sonic cat scarer, bit more expensive a gadget but it works for both cats and foxes !!! no more cat poop for me. I had a wonderful cat, which unfortunately died from cancer, but I was then subject to other cats trying to bash their way through his cat flap.... didnt realise they were all eating his food too!!! Then came the onslaught of cats pooing in my garden. Balance has been restored now..... you can also get plastic fence topping which has soft spikes, which will stop the little dears from getting in your garden.


Can I eat produce from beds contaminated by Cat poo and how long does it take for the good bacteria to take over?
Perhaps the biggest menace is people! If we were not so densely populated most of the other animal inhabitants of this planet would not be a problem. Cats are not everyones cup of tea, but they do have uses - controlling vermin, amusing and de-stressing their owners. Oh dear, they catch birds. But that could be seen as a way of strengthening the remaining bird population, and some birds are pests! Our bird population is more affected by an over abundance of seagulls than by our local cats. Foxes are beautiful and clever animals, and I wonder what domestic dogs would be like if they were descended from foxes instead of wolves? Foxes and cats? When our old cat was in his prime he would sit by the bowl of food we put out for foxes and they would not come near until he moved away. Isaw this happen one night when there were 3 foxes waiting to eat. Now he is very sick, he does not sit by their food, but they never bother him in the garden. Perhaps the government should consider bringing in a licence for dogs and cats as an easy means of raising revenue to help bail out the banks?
re Uddy I agree humans are the most distructive force on the planet,we have the most to learn and nature is our teacher why do we make it so complicated !if only we would learn to work with and respect the wonders of nature that we are a part of !
I was never a Cat lover, until I had a wonderful Kitten who got ran over at 8 months old to the extent that I had to question if it was mine when I found her. How did she get run over? Like Uddy and Spring Has Srung have both said, by one of us, humans who see this planet as just ours to do just what we please with. Everything on this planet has a role to play, and a big one at that. Start taking the bits we don't like away and one day we will be taken away too, but not through choice, simply through man kinds silly need to be in control. Things happen that are not nice, annoying even, but it's all part of the way our planet works!
At last the blogs are being positive about our cats and foxes but it took a lot of moaning ones before they did. Strange how really interesting blogs about flowers and veg. only get a few contributers while the controversial ones get many! We once had 55 chickens and ducks, mostly rare-breeds, massacred by foxes, but when one injured his leg and holed up in our shed I fed and watered him for six weeks till he limped away. Years later he came back to my garden to die. We are part of nature and so are foxes, cats, plants(even so called weeds) and should be appreciated as such because they are part of the biodiversity which makes our world so wonderful.
What a wonderful lesson on humility and respect that will live with you forever,the ripples go on to the next generation.....thats how it works :-)
Good for you happymarion, after all foxes need to kill in order to eat and are programmed to do what comes naturally. It may be in their nature to kill but it doesn't have to be in ours.. I'll admit that this is the first GW blog I've contributed to, purely as I feel so strongly about it. Having seen friends lose their late grandfather's silkie bantams to a marauding cat - unlike the usual fox story - I feel it's important to voice my two penneth! Unfortunately for the cat concerned, it also broke into the same aviary a week later when they were fostering a rescued eagle owl. This had a very different outcome..
Given the wildlife that domestic cats massacre, the potential harm they do to me via my vegetable garden and my pet rabbit in her run, I believe they should be shot on sight. If it roams wild then its a wild animal and it deserves no better than a rat or a fox as they're all vermin.
wolfie cats are SEMI-wild they choose to live with their owners,they have the best of both worlds ( un like poor dogs etc )the LAW protects this as they are the only PET that is alowed to roam free! I think it is sad that some people get rid of anything they don't understand anything that is pecieved WILD or have little monetary value, before medicins were made artificialy they came from common WEEDS/plants ,sad to say that our natural larder will be gorn soon and with it cures for as yet unknown ill's........I could go on !


This is an issue that people are very unlikely to agree about. I'm sure if you go back far enough, dogs had a right to roam as well but if cats hadn't been living with us for as long as they had, things would be very different. It's a cultural norm rather than an essential need - don't forget that it's also the freedom to roam under cars, into locked sheds, snares set for rabbits etc. Today they would undoubtedly be legislated under the Dangerous Wild Animals act that covers animals such as otters, lemurs and other, more predatory animals that people may want to keep as pets. This would mean secure escape-proof housing. Foxes get blamed for a lot of things and I'm sure that many foxes get a bad rap for being seen with animals that are already dead. They're certainly scared of healthy cats in my experience and will withdraw from any confrontation with them.
Once apon a time humans had the right to roam too :-),that was untill the land was so called OWENED ! being that you can't take it with you and have to ask permission before you can do as you please with it ,he he ,it all seems a bit daft when you think of it ,especialy all we realy want is a cats life !!
I don't know spring has sprung - you're welcome to roam on my patch but I'd still have issue with you hunting my garden wildlife and relieving yourself on my seed beds ;)
He he thanx I have a problem with SLUGS they drive me mad on my organic plot! I don't want to squash or poison the birds it's so annoying when you think you have a nice little crop comming on only to find THEY have decided to party the night before!Aaaaah ;-*
if people decide to have cats as pets, then its only right that, they ensure the cat is properly looked after in the owner's own space. afterall, i dont like to smell cat poo or touch it by accident, so why should i suffer both financially and emotionally for someone deciding to have a cat for a pet. i hate the bloody things with all my being.