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I use a childs snow shovel with a flat tined rake makes picking up easy.
The greatest way I know for collecting leaves is a method my father taught me. Take a reasonably sized tarp and lay it flat out on the ground. Rake the leaves onto the tarp to a desired amount. Gather together the four corners to form a large sack. Drag this "sack of leaves" along the ground to the compost.
The tarp method works well with collecting and disposing of shrub cuttings, hedge trims etc.
Absolutely the best, cheapest and easiest way for collecting!
Alina W

Or use an old sheet, like we do, and blow the leaves onto it with a leaf blower

I now have a better way, use my children and tell them it's a game

Kathy 2

I use the lawnmower, even on the patio!! It makes it much easier and it chops up the leaves as well so they "do their thing" quicker. 



Please remember to leave some dry leaves in your garden for the hedgehogs to make their winter quarters with.  When we moved here, the first autumn we raked and bagged and raked and bagged religiously - halfway through the winter we found a poor hedgehog in a very scrappy heap of leaves - all he could scrape together of what we'd left.  We found a sturdy box and bought some hay from the pet shop and kept him snug and dry in a sheltered corner of the garden.  

Now we provide several snug corners for the hedgehogs, and make sure that plenty of dry leaves are heaped where they can do no harm to the lawn and where the hedgehogs can help themselves.

They sometimes gather leaves for their 'nests' during the daytime, as they're drier then, so you may be lucky and see them 

Please ...

Is there such a thing as a really, really lightweight leaf blower? I am small and far from young!


Last year (new lawn mower) I raked leaves into strips and the OH went along with mower on highest setting gathered up the leaves and put them in the leaf composter. Worked a treat as all nicely chopped as well,

Ok bit of effort on raking but not to bad as not making piles, thought about a leaf blower but I need the exercise as well!

This year I have bought 4 broom handles and some 90cm plastic wire to make a construction to empty the leaves into.


And yes - still plenty of nooks and crannies left with leaves for the wild life.

I just rake mine up, use a bin bag to pop them in, stab a few holes in the bags, then pile them up in a corner of the garden. They take about two years to compost down like this, perhaps mowing them first and using a leaf bin would help them rot down quicker?

I've tried all sorts of ways, best for me is leaf blower then suck them into the bag, that way they are ready chopped up, and easy to empty into bags.

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