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So glad your C.w.x St Ewe is doing well as Trehern Nursery brought me one to the February RHS indoor show and I have just planted it out in the fernery garden.I too have clay, Ph7 but I did incorporate JI ericaceous as well. It replaced C.v.x Yuletide(single red)which probably wouldn't flower in such a shady spot as it needs some more sun to do well. I also have C. s. Quintessence(single pinky-white) in a large terracotta pot on a plinth in full sun, this is a wonderful cascading camellia, which the nursery grow in a hanging basket, but I did not have the courage or the faith in my watering abilities!
I planted my camellia (no idea what variety - a freebie!) in my new acid soil bed last year but the leaves look a rather sickly yellow. The walls surrounding it are cotswold limestone was this my major mistake? I have watered it with Azalea/camellia feed/sequesterone so hope it's going to survive. I have one bud on it which I'm watching daily.
I have a pale yellow camellia in a shady very sheltered border, in ericaceous compost and fed with azalea feed. It is the most gorgeous plant and has flowered it socks off the two years i have lived here (I inherited it). Still trying to propogate it for my dad who also loves it. I have several shocking pink ones in another part of the garden and love all of them.
Living in the far far south west of our sceptred isle, Camelias grow here very well - I have four - ranging from two pink, one white, and one red. The red variety has some very green leaves one side of the bush and some pale lime green leaves on the other side (all on the same plant). This does not seem to affect the flowers although the darker green side has more flowers, but looks a bit odd. What could make this happen and is it lacking in something? Last Summer we had plenty of rain but should I feed it with something and if so, what? Any ideas would be helpful. I always prune straight after flowering which alway gives a good show the following year. The bushes are at least ten years old but I don't think this is the problem.
I have a camelia in my front garden that is still tiny, but laiden with lovely pink flowers, I suppose a feed is in order even though it is doing well, it is a bit over crowded where it is but it's not complaining yet, if it does I will move it.


Here in Cornwall the camellias are delightful this year. I have 4 pink and 2 white ones and they are looking gorgeous.I have just given them their yearly mulch of peat and they are thriving :)
I recently bought a crimson Red Camilla in B&Q, its about 2foot high, it has got one bloom on it but its came out as White, is it because its a young plant, maybe it needs to grow another year before it has red bloom?
Hi i have 3 camilias i bought them from b and q reduced and they do well on my acidic soil. I have a rhodedendron which produces masses of white buds i every year i bought it from a specialist nusery but they go brown i think it must be frost it dosent look like a hardy type. I have magnolias in this bed too which do well.
Veggie Girl, If you bought a crimson-red variety then that's the colour it should be, and NOT white. If you don't want white, and still have the label and receipt, I'd take it back and get the colour you want!
I have a 'debbie' variety which I have had for years. Last year all the buds dropped off which i think was due to frost, however this year no buds and the leaves are going pale green and dropping off. Any ideas whats wrong?
I have a camelia in my donation which i have had for several years although not in acid soil it has performed beautifully over the years. However I have another Ruby Wedding which is in a pot in ericaceous soil and fed with sequestrone but looks quite sickly with yellowy leavesand although I have had it about three years it has never flowered. Any advice?
Please could you advise when is the right time to cut down our camellias tree ,not right down but to a bush size. Thankyou
I have a camellia that has outgrown it's pot and a bigger pot would be too expensive and impossible for me to move what is the best way to move plant it into the border? and when?
Reply to creditmuncher:Last summer I moved a large bed of camellias, and rhododendrons, some of which had to have their roots severly chopped in order to remove them. I was amazed that we didn’t lose a single one and they flowered better than they had done for years. Please do remember they need ericacious soil (acid) and water them in really well. We had about a week of heavy rain after we planted them and I suspect this did them the world of good. Good luck!
I transplanted a large camellia last summer, not ideal but it has been doing really well (but didn't flower) until about 3 weeks ago most of the leaves have turned brown. I gave it some compost for camellias but it is not looking happy. Should I prune back the branches? Any help would be appreciated


The deed is done! Camellia replanted with fingers crossed, ericacious compost and a prayer to the Camellia god!!
love Camellias... just done a weeks worth of pics for a magazine... they are sooo beautiful this year... camellia photography
i have 4 camellias that i grow in large pots, have had them for quite a few years but now 2 of them have lots of black insects on the underside of leaves that make the leaves curl also it seems to encourage the ants i have washed them off but they come back in a couple of days hope you can help
Just love Carol's scarves - does she knit them herself? She always puts such great colours together. Pattern please Carol then I will have something to do whilst himself is digging for victory (and not planting any of the stuff I like, fennel, rocket and the like! Love the new show, best for years

My  camellia has a sooty powder on it's leaves, how can i  solve this problem? it has been suggested to me to use a mixture of white oil and detergent and water, is this the correct solution to my problem?   I have recently moved into my house and the garden was already laid, i have never grown a camellia. Any help would be appreciated.