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is it right you have to prune Callicarpa hard to get berries on new wood.

No it is not right. Mine has byried beautifully for a few years now, and it only gets a bit of a tidy up. i do find that it needs a bit of fertiliser to perform [bit like the rest of us I suppose ]

My evergreen ferns are a joy in the fernery and large pots. I have lots of varieties of cotoneaster with so many berries you have a job to distinguish the leaves which are also red now. The Jasmine nudiflorum is covered in its yellow flowers and the white heather is breaking its buds. Grasses like Stipa tenuissima, golden oats and Miscanthus zebrina are still looking great. The bamboos make the garden look exotic. The pink heather will soon join the merry throng

Sounds lovely happymarion. Agree about the grasses still looking good.  Miscanthus varieties ESP stand up well to gales etc.

Mahonia Charity is looking superb right now with solanum album flowering behind.  Dogwoods shining too.  

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